WeedSmart or BulkWeedinBox? How These Two Online Dispensaries Compare

By  //  September 1, 2020

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number of advantages when shopping weed online

Weedsmart and BulkWeedinBox have a lot of things in common so, they both make a good choice. But if you want to try a variety of strains than Weedsmart would be a better choice.

The complete legalization of cannabis in Canada will celebrate two years in October 2020 and it has opened a various chain of distribution of marijuana products.

But still, more than 50 percent of the buyers are still inclined to black illegal market.

Numerous licensed shops have also been opened in the country which has more than 4 million cannabis consumers.

There are also a number of online dispensaries where they can buy high-quality cannabis products but still, they thriving in need of more success

There are a number of advantages when shopping weed online.

Obviously, it saves times and it gives you more choice of products compared to brick-and-mortar cannabis stores.

Another simple reason to choose online dispensary is that government weed stores are unable to supply consumer demands with a variety of products. Plus, the price at such dispensaries is slightly higher.

But at online weed shops, consumers get guaranteed low price and a really wide choice of products.

Getkush, Weedsmart, BudMail, BudWeedinBox, and there are many other online shops that offer some lucrative offers and deals on qualitative products.

But choosing one of them is also a difficult task. Here, we are going to show you the comparison between Weedsmart and BudWeedinBox so, you can choose the one for you.

Here, we have mentioned some important factors that need to be considered while choosing the best online weed store.

• Big Community of Customers

• Affordable Pricing

• Large Selection of Products

• Low Price Guarantee

• Trusted & Verified by Various Sources

• 24/7 Customer Service

• High-Quality Standards & Testing

• Educational Forum

• Guaranteed Delivery

• Deals & Promotions

• Mix and Match Option

• Free Gifts

• Free Shipping

These are very important things. If you see all these things at an online dispensary that you can make sure that the particular online weed shop is reliable and you will qualitative products from there.

Are All These Qualities Available in WeedSmart and BulkWeedinBox?

Both sites have a large collection of products so customers can have a very wide choice when buying online. All of the qualities we have mentioned above can be found in Weedsmart as well as BulkWeedinBox except for two things.

BulkWeedinBox doesn’t have a 24×7 customer support service and guaranteed low price on the available products according to our last check. Customer support service is really important when you have a very large community of cannabis consumers. And when an online casino is offering cannabis products at a reasonable price, it also should provide a guarantee for that.

What Are the Other Differences Between Weedsmart and BulkWeedinBox?

Both sites have qualities that an ideal online dispensary should possess but there are also some other things are worth noticing.

Strains Offered

The number of different strains available at the online weed shops really tells a much about it.  Weedsmart has a total of 100 strains available at its store so that every customer can get a wide choice while buying.

On the other hand, BulkWeedinBox has nearly 35 strains to offer to its large customer community. 35 strains are more compared to other online dispensaries but very low when we compare with Weedsmart.

Ounce Price

The prices of marijuana products also make a big difference and it influences the choice of the customers. At BulkWeedinBox, the price range falls between $193 to $273 where budget buds start at $193, and AAAA weed at $273.

On the flip side, Weedsmart offers budget buds at $139 which is $50 lower than what BulkWeedinBox has to offer.  And high-quality AAAA weed is available at $269.


In our opinion, both sites have performed well according to our comparison. Weedsmart and BulkWeedinBox have a lot of things in common so, they both make a good choice. But if you want to try a variety of strains than Weedsmart would be a better choice. Plus, the price at weedsmart is lower than BulkWeedinbox. So, Weedsmart really wins the race of the best online dispensary against BulkWeedinBox.