What Makes a Car Battery Good Quality?

By  //  October 22, 2020

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Despite what you may have heard, not all car batteries are created equal. Depending on the materials used and the quality of the construction, some batteries last a long time and offer great performance while others lose power just when you need them most.

Knowing what to look for ensures you make the best purchase for your vehicle when looking for a new, reliable battery. This guide can help you make a decision to keep your car running as long as possible.

What Is The Most Reliable Type of Car Battery?

When in search of the best car batteries, you can’t go wrong with Odyssey. The Odyssey Battery Extreme PC680 AGM Ready-To-Ride Power Sport Battery is rated as one of the best when it comes to construction. To protect against impacts, these batteries have built-in vibration assistance to keep internal components intact.

They also have an expanded service life, which can range from three to ten years depending on the circumstances. And when it comes to maintenance, this model is maintenance-free since you won’t need to add water.

The Duralast Battery 27F-DL offers a lot of great features and functions as well, and is similar in price to the Odyssey Extreme. This battery is best for extreme weather conditions thanks to its ability to deliver on the cold cranking amps. It also offers vibration protection in the form of impact-resistant polypropylene. You can expect a long lifespan with Duralast batteries, as well as improved performance.

Are All Car Batteries The Same Quality?

If you skimp on battery quality, you better invest in a car battery charger and carry it with you at all times. Cheap batteries use cheaper materials, which means failure is more likely.

Material selection is important for all aspects of battery construction, from the battery itself to the terminals to the connections hooking your battery to your vehicle’s engine. While a cheaper battery helps you save on upfront costs, it can cost you dearly if your battery is constantly dying or you find yourself in need of an expensive tow.

You should also consider the reserve capacity of the battery you’re purchasing. The reserve capacity is how much back up power you’ll have if the battery is unable to hold a charge for some reason. Reserve capacity is listed on the battery in terms of minutes.

The higher the reserve capacity, the longer your battery will continue to operate in the event of a breakdown. Shoot for a longer reserve period if you frequently take long trips, as you might be stranded overnight before help can arrive.

How to Find the Best Car Parts for Your Vehicle

If you’re not sure which car part works best for your vehicle, you may need to do a vin number lookup to get started.

When visiting an auto parts supplier, you can also provide the make, model, and year of your vehicle for additional assistance. No matter what you need, working with a quality parts supplier ensures you’ll be satisfied at the end of the day.