Business Transformation During Quarantine

By  //  November 2, 2020

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s life in a previously unseen way. We’ve all been stuck at our homes for months, local businesses were shut down and suffered great financial losses, we could not travel for a prolonged period of time, and right now, there’s no saying as to how it all is going to end.

Without having a vaccine, we might be seeing recurrent waves of lockdowns in the nearest future. But how is it going to transform businesses around the world? What changes will the pandemic bring and how can we prepare for those new challenges? Let’s find out!

Entertainment Industry

In a broader sense, the entertainment industry might have suffered the most. There were no major movie releases during the quarantine, all the amusement parks were closed, the sports events were canceled, music festivals and concerts were postponed, and all of that caused tremendous financial losses for the entertainers around the world.

Even the video game industry has been impacted by the pandemic, with many video game releases postponed due to the development companies having to send all of their employees home.

Of course, the lockdown has become the best time ever for all the gamers who could spend as much time as they wanted at home playing all of their favorite games.

In addition, casinos were forced to close their doors to the visitors, so most people turned to gambling in any online casino they could find.

The gambling industry, in its turn, responded by supporting the players giving them free spins bonuses and other rewards. You can find such casinos by checking out the reviews for the best free spins bonuses; that way you can make sure you play on the best websites only.

Moviemakers make a similar move by streaming their films online for a price instead of releasing them in the movie theaters. These are just some of the examples of how the pandemic changed some businesses.

No-Touch Services and Technologies

The social distancing has made us rethink the way we interact with our environment and objects that surround us. Most people now think twice before touching things left and right, and it produced a huge impact on the development of no-touch services and technologies.

Let’s face it, you’ve never been ordering that much food delivery as you did during the lockdown. No-touch delivery has been a real lifesaver since the beginning of the pandemic, and most likely, you used these services many times to avoid going out.

This change has also influenced the devices we use. Anything, starting with soap dispensers and ending with vending machines, can be turned into a no-touch device.

This can be done via sensors or voice control – that way, people would touch the surfaces of these devices less, which makes it far less likely for them to catch any infectious disease like COVID or even simple flu. This, as well as the matter of general convenience, has transformed the operations at many companies around the world.

Digitalization of Processes

Along with the development of no-touch tech, businesses started to pay much more attention to digitalizing their essential processes. The companies that could function with all of their employees working from home were the ones to take that COVID hit the easiest.

These businesses would just have their employees working from home without significant breakdowns. Those who failed to digitalize their processes were the ones to suffer the most.

These companies did not adopt digital technologies in a timely manner, so they were the ones to take the heaviest hit. This was the reason why so many small businesses fell apart, not being able to transform.

Becoming Faster and More Efficient

Many companies realized over the quarantine period that they do not need to maintain huge offices, spend thousands of dollars on rent, cleaning, team building events, and all of that stuff to be productive.

All they really need is to provide people with the means of production and give them a comfortable working environment. Some companies even reached greater productivity as their employees were able to work at home, do whatever they felt comfortable doing, wake up 5 minutes before the start of their workday, and chill at home with their families.

This made millions of employees much happier without sacrificing the efficiency of the production. That is why it is reasonable to expect some of the most innovative businesses to stick to that model even after the end of the lockdown.

Wrap Up

The COVID pandemic has truly changed our lives and reshaped the way we interact with people and the world around us.  Starting with entertainment and ending with the work we do on a daily basis; the lockdown produced a huge impact on different areas of our lives.

For that reason, businesses around the world start to change and evolve, adopting the new approaches to boosting up their productivity. We are sure to see even further changes, so we should all be ready for the new lifestyle.

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