How Helen Schifter Is Staying Healthy During The Pandemic

By  //  November 22, 2020

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There are a variety of ways in which Helen Lee Schifter demonstrates good health during the pandemic. Schifter has such a vast knowledge of wellness topics because of her personal mindful journeys. Her demonstrations of wellness have changed not only her personal connections with others but how she views the world.

Schifter admits that going on a wellness journey during the pandemic is not easy, but it is worth the end result. When people put themselves first, great things start to happen, she says to Elle Decor.

It certainly takes dedication and time to pursue a healthy, robust, wellness journey.

Since she had nothing but the time during the nationwide shutdown, Schifter took this period to really develop her spirituality and mindfulness on all accounts. Her dedication to understanding her body and mind on a higher level is extremely interesting.

She had found her purpose in life, which is very rare for many. The pandemic has brought a melancholy aroma to not only the nation but the globe.

It’s simple to see that so many people have had to fight depression, loneliness, and sadness during such a time. Schifter believes that although the commonality of the pandemic is such a dejected attitude, it’s up to the person to change that.

The first step to develop a healthier relationship with oneself is filling the body with fuel. This is a simple way in which people can gain energy to use throughout their day. Now, Schifter has spoken to people who consider energy drinks, highly caffeinated juices, sports drinks, and coffees as a way of fueling their bodies.

Unfortunately, that should not be the case. If a person wants to fill their bodies up in a healthy way, they must dedicate time to ingesting more vegetables and fruits. This is because our bodies digest and process healthier foods are a lot easier than high-fat ones.

Our bodies break down the healthier foods and use them as energy or antioxidants. Schifter recommends eating berries as a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. These are especially good to consume during the pandemic because they help support the immune system.

According to Taste Terminal, although Helen eats healthy meals on a daily basis, she also practices tea ceremonies as well. Her Zen Buddhist spirituality has taught her to find peace in situations where others might break under pressure.

These tea ceremonies symbolize mindfulness, tranquility, and other aspects to celebrate during the pandemic. It allows her to take a breath of fresh air and not feel overwhelmed in highly stressful situations.

Furthermore, these tea ceremonies also fill her with healthy vitamins that are in the drinks. Ginger, lemon, herbs, mint, cinnamon, and many other types of ingredients are featured in these ceremonies.

This is a wonderful way to feel peace with oneself and also includes an abundance of healthy attributions to one’s body. It’s clear that her dedication to such a healthy lifestyle is beyond measure.

After or during such a ceremony, Schifter highly recommends meditation. The reason for this is to strengthen the bond with oneself at a higher level. If people are not adapting to their environment, it can cause self-doubt.

Meditation is a wonderful way in which people can expand their mindfulness and reach beyond the standards of society. Having a meditation routine can really help develop mindfulness and eliminate self-doubt.

Schifter recommends taking classes, finding an instructor, or watching videos on how to meditate before trying it. It’s important to understand the reasoning behind it, and not do it as a temporary fix.

Meditating takes a significant amount of practice and can really develop interpersonal skills as well. The more a person shows dedication to the practice, the greater their wellness will become.

For many individuals, it is clear that there is a special need to improve mental and physical wellness. When the body feels good, has proper energy, and can remain peaceful, good things come. Helen has been through many circumstances in which she would be easily lost.

However, she was patient with her mind and body and fought negative energy. Her remarkable acts of valor have established a community and she is so proud of not only everyone who joined her, but herself. During the pandemic, remember to check up on those who might be struggling and remain true to themselves.

The more a person adapts to a given atmosphere, the better their mind will feel. According to Mass News, Helen has been practicing her mindfulness and wellness for many years.

It takes sustainable amounts of dedication no matter the temptations a person may face. Although this pandemic is a damper on plans and celebrations, it’s critical that we remain grateful for every day we have.