How to Host a ‘Sip and See’ Post-Baby Party During COVID-19

By  //  November 13, 2020

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Your niece will soon give birth to a new baby boy or girl and you’re no doubt just as excited. In fact, you’ve likely been texting non-stop about the nursery, names and childbirth advice, and now you want to plan a party that will celebrate both her and her soon-to-be bundle of joy.

In lieu of a traditional baby shower due to COVID-19, you’re instead opting for a Sip and See party. To help host a memorable day for the new mom and her baby, check out the following tips:

First, What Exactly is a “Sip and See”?

Contrary to a traditional baby shower, a Sip and See is a growing party trend among new parents that involves inviting over people to see their new baby after he or she has been born. They typically involve a variety of refreshing beverages (thus, the “Sip” part of the party), as well as the opportunity to see the adorable baby in-person.

Should You Host an In-Person or Virtual Party?

Whether the Sip and See party is hosted in-person, with some modifications, or is virtual, is up to the comfort level of the mom-to-be.

For an in-person option, you might consider setting up in the backyard, covering a picnic table with food and drinks as well as a platter of cupcakes with either pink or blue icing. Thanks to the temperate Florida weather, this option should work for just about any time of year.

Inside the home, the new mom and dad can be perched on a couch with their precious baby near a glass door or large window.

As guests arrive, they can help themselves to refreshments and then gaze through the window or door to wave and admire the beautiful baby and his or her parents. As for a virtual party option, invite friends and family to a Zoom or Google Hangouts party at a specified time so they can be introduced to the newborn.

What Should be Included in the Invitations?

To help explain the Sip and See concept to your guests, as well as all the pertinent event details, it will be helpful to include these key details on the invitation.

But rather than sending out traditional birth announcements, also provide details about your Sip and See party that includes a photo of the adorable baby, along with his or her name and birthdate. Make sure to also include details about facemask requirements, as well as the party theme and suggested attire.

How Should Health and Safety be Approached?

If you plan to host an in-person Sip and See party, consider ordering some party favors that will help keep your guests safe. For example, order some adorable, customized facemasks that feature the baby’s name and birthdate. Hand one to each guest and ask that he or she wear it while socializing in the backyard.

Additionally, place large bottles of hand sanitizer on the food table and opt for single-serve bottles and cans rather than a giant punch bowl with a ladle that everyone will touch.

On the ground, place pink or blue circles six feet apart in front of the window or door so guests don’t crowd near each other while seeing the guest of honor.

Have a Wonderful Time Honoring the New Baby!

The pandemic has caused us to come up with new ways of doing things — and celebrating a new baby is no different. By planning an in-person or virtual Sip and See, you can still celebrate the new parents and their beautiful infant in a fun and special way.

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