7 Working Tactics to Build Credibility for Your Small Online Store on Instagram

By  //  December 11, 2020

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If someone were to discuss the subject of businesses and, more specifically, online stores, credibility tends to be the primary factor for growing a business. There’s a reason reviews are so essential to companies; people want to support businesses that are deemed credible and trustworthy.

More importantly, people are mostly interested in online stores’ trustworthiness since there tend to be more scams in the online world than in in-person stores.

Luckily, with a platform like Instagram, there are many guides on how to obtain the trust of consumers for a business.

Furthering the need for business trust, show your credibility using paid views for Instagram, an excellent platform that allows the fast-track growth of an Instagram account by social signals from real accounts targeted to appreciate the account’s credibility.

Getting a head-start follower-wise and likes is always ideal to have a more reputable image than an account that is just starting out and has a small following.

It’s simple, people are more likely to follow an account with a large following than one that appears small or non-essential.

Still, numerous other ways should be in association with the ultimate goal of building credibility for the store. Below will take a close examination of seven working tactics on building credibility for an online store on Instagram.

1. Be Honest

Credibility is most often associated with honesty since the two tend to correlate significantly in the business world. People tend to bring up sketchy or untrustworthy business people to one another, as bad business stories are more commonly discussed than good stories.

From a business perspective, it’s a shame that so much negativity is spread more than the numerous good stories, but that’s the way humans are. However, to combat the possibility of causing a negative scene, transparency can go a long way.

Of course, some consumers are bad people and won’t be shy about spreading negativity with a business, even if it’s not true. However, if someone with an Instagram business always told the truth and stuck with what they’re saying, that’ll show credibility more than any avoidance of bad reviews.

2. Stay Dedicated

Credibility for a business isn’t necessarily about a business person who is a great person. In fact, there are plenty of business people who are fantastic human beings, but terrible people. In contrast, there are countless business people who are terrible people, but great business people.

All of it depends on the skills people have for business, and more importantly, their experience with a business. If someone can stay dedicated and learn the road bumps they’ll experience, they’ll be able to achieve the amount of success and credibility they hope to obtain.

Some people aren’t able to stay dedicated for many reasons, while others won’t adapt. Still, Instagram is a whole other area as it requires content, messaging, and editing, all of which are crucial for an Instagram business’s dedication and credibility.

3. Ask for Feedback

People tend to rely heavily on a company when they feel like they have a part in the company’s success. No one wants to feel like they’re owed something necessarily. Still, if they can give direct feedback to the point that it benefits the business for them, they’ll appreciate this.

Plus, running an Instagram online store can be very confusing on what to do moving forward. It’s challenging to determine what’s selling the best, what people want to see next, what a fair price is, and if they should launch a new product or not.

Thankfully, since Instagram allows consumers to give direct feedback, Instagram online stores can enable business owners to receive immediate feedback. Some people aren’t looking for feedback, but regarding business, feedback is always ideal to obtain.

4. Adjust Profile

Adjusting a profile doesn’t necessarily mean a business needs to go over a business makeover for their account. An adjustment can mean a wide variety of things, such as taking feedback and accommodating, creating a new look, and much more.

However, when it comes to an Instagram business, people tend to get bored with what they’re following very quickly if they don’t change it up fast enough. No company should change their look to the point that the business becomes unrecognizable.

Still, new looks every now and then can help paint a fresh new identity that’s attractive to consumers and building credibility. People tend to trust companies more when they’re trying to adjust and perfect themselves in every way. Since a company’s image is such a massive part of Instagram, people understand this.

5. Create a Community

Developing a sense of community is arguably an essential part of a business to obtain credibility. People enjoy the feeling of belonging to something, especially when it involves the likes of social media. Although Instagram isn’t as community-based as Reddit, they have a comment section for a reason.

Besides the comment section, Instagram allows for polls to occur, furthering the notion of creating a community. Businesses can also do giveaways and contests to show appreciation for a growing community, both highly appreciated by a consumer-base.

Most people simply want to feel like the company they’re interested in cares about them. Even if the company has no-relation to caring at all, no one wants to purchase a product from a company with an image of being evil. Thus, why a community can help develop that connection on Instagram.

6. Share Some Goals

Going back to the theme of transparency, people like to know what a company has for plans in the future. There is a reason corporations like Disney release their movie and show schedule for the next several years. People get excited about what’s to come and discuss the topics at hand, while Disney doesn’t release all of their secrets.

Although a small online Instagram store is nothing compared to a massive corporation like Disney, the two relate in the sense that they want to show transparency. Sharing goals and future plans further that notion by showing what a business is up to and how people react to it.

For example, if a business makes clothes, they can tease what they hope to make clothes-wise in the future and get a read on how it’ll potentially work for them. In one sense, it can be a great read, while in others, they may realize their idea isn’t worth it.

7. Have a Narrative

As great as a platform like Instagram is, it can be difficult to tell many of the businesses apart from one another. Thus, businesses must develop their own narrative, allowing users to trust the business and separate it from all of the other companies in the same field.

Plus, if a customer had a bad experience with one company, they’re going to want to find a new company that’s totally different. It’s similar to how many people refuse to eat a specific kind of food if they got food poisoning from it before. All of it is related to creating a narrative and image that’s unique to that business.