Foldable Treadmill Vs Walkingpad: Definitive Guide to Make Your Wise Choice

By  //  December 15, 2020

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Exercise has always been the most important factor to remain fit and prevent any illness. But, now in this fast-paced lifestyle, the daily schedule has become hectic for all the working professionals.

Even you might find it difficult to exercise daily at home or in the gym. So, to help you out, there are various gym equipment like treadmills and walking pads that you can use in your home to maintain your fitness. Continue reading this blog to know which is better to buy.

What is WalkingPad?

Walkingpad is a treadmill alternative that is small in size, lightweight, and portable. It is designed by a group of professors, electrical & mechanical engineers, and a team of product experts in Chicago in 2016.

As the health experts suggest, walking for at least 30 minutes in a day can positively impact your physical and mental health and lessen your back pain if you sit in one place for long working hours.

The walking pad was designed with the idea of getting the compact treadmill so that you can exercise at home any time and store it anywhere as per your storage space.

What is a Foldable treadmill?

A foldable treadmill is similar to a treadmill that you can easily fold and unfolded when needed. It is primarily designed to save space at home. The running machine can be folded upward and locked so that you can move anywhere and store it when not in use.

Walkingpad Benefits

Compact size

Walking pad treadmill can be easily folded and kept under the sofa, bed, and any other place as per your choice. It doesn’t take more storage space, and so you can even buy it even if you have a small house or apartment.


This mini treadmill is light in weight and can be taken anywhere quickly. You can easily carry it anywhere in your house.


The rolling wheels make it easy to move it from one location to another, and also you can carry it while traveling to maintain your fitness even on your trip.

Automatic Speed Control

The speed of this smart treadmill can be adjusted as per your need and at your own pace. Its automatic feature understands your pace and follows it.

Noise Reduction

There is less space between the floor and this walking exercise machine due to its thickness. This leads to a reduction in noise or disturbance to the neighborhood.


This walking machine’s cushioning layer protects your feet from damage due to friction and thus keeping your joints safe.

How to use walkingpads?

A walkingpad is a walking machine whose speed is controlled by your footsteps. High precision sensors are placed at the treadmill bed to maintain the slow, medium, or fast speed.

If you want to accelerate the speed, you will have to walk near the front end of the walkingpad. If you prefer medium or uniform speed, you will have to walk in the middle of the walkingpad, and if you want to lower the speed, you will have to walk at the tail or end of the device.

It is noise-free and provides a comfortable experience every time you use it. It has an anti-slip walking belt that helps you to remain firm while walking on it.

You can even link it with the WalkingPad iOS or Android App to track your walking data or stats.

Differences between Folding treadmill and Walkingpads

If you plan to buy either a treadmill or a walking pad, you must definitely read this comparison about each product in detail and then make a wise choice while purchasing.


Foldable Treadmill: Though these treadmills are easily foldable, it can consume much of your space when folded and even when it’s in use.

It’s not suitable if you have a low or a sloped ceiling, as these are already few inches raised, and also you will have to stand on it while walking or running, which increases the overall height.

Walkingpad: These are actually space-saving devices. Due to its compact size and foldable body, you can keep this small treadmill under your bed, sofa, or in any other place that you want. It’s also suitable if you have a low ceiling house as it’s not raised upwards, and you can comfortably stand on it without touching the ceiling.


Foldable Treadmill: Stability is one of the crucial factors that we consider while buying a treadmill. The foldable treadmills are less stable than the traditional treadmills. Yet, if you prefer to buy a bit stable foldable treadmill, you will have to spend some extra penny for it.

Walkingpads: These devices are much stable, and you can easily walk on them. It has an anti-slip belt under the device’s bed that helps you maintain your balance and remain firm while walking on it.


Foldable Treadmill: Treadmills tend to make noise when built of low-quality materials or less advanced functions. Factors like low quality of the belt, deck cushioning, and the roller size impact the noise. It’s better to check these factors before purchasing a treadmill so that your family and neighbors won’t get disturbed because of your workout.

Walkingpads: Even these devices make noise while walking on it. The noise depends on various factors, and so will be a bit tedious task for you to select the one that provides an excellent walking experience along with less or no noise.


Foldable Treadmill: These devices are bigger in size, and even though they are foldable, they are a bit heavy weight. So, if you are traveling to a different place, it might be difficult for you to carry it.

Walkingpads: Due to its compact size and foldable body, it requires less space and can be easily carried from one place to another. These portable treadmill helps you to maintain your fitness even if you are on your trip.


Foldable Treadmill: Though these treadmills are foldable, you will find it a bit difficult to fold and unfold to and from upwards if you have back, knee, or neck pain. You will also have to be cautious and control it while unfolding so that it doesn’t slam on the floor.

Walkingpads: You can easily fold these devices by just flipping it sideways without raising it upwards from the ground. It doesn’t put a strain on your back, neck, or knee due to its easy folding mechanism.


Foldable Treadmill: These treadmills have handles that help you have a grip and balance yourself while walking or running. It is suitable for people of all ages, and you have to be very cautious about the balance and can focus on your workout without any stress.

Walkingpads: Most of these devices don’t have any handle for support, which is a drawback. If you are new to this device, it might be difficult for you to balance it initially, but if you are an athlete or sports professional, you can easily control it.

Monitor Heart Rate

Foldable Treadmill: These treadmills have a feature to monitor your heart rate when you walk on it. It helps you to track if there is any pressure on your heart, else the stress on your heart will lead to severe damage to your health.

Walkingpads: These devices don’t have a heart monitoring feature. So you will either have to install another app to monitor your heart rate. Walkingpads are not suitable for people who are old. If you are a heart patient, it’s recommended not to use this device, as it can be risky.

Motor Power

Foldable Treadmill: There are various treadmills available in the market, having multiple advanced features at a low cost. These types of treadmills have a low powered motor as compared to the costly treadmills. If your treadmill doesn’t have much power, then it might hamper your workout session.

Walkingpads: Even in walkingpads the quality and performance of the motor depends on the pricing. If you are purchasing an expensive walking pad, you will get a good quality motor compared to the cost-effective one.


Foldable Treadmill: If you wish to stop the machine completely, you will have to unplug it from the socket. This is dangerous, and you have to be very careful that small children don’t come in contact with it.

Walkingpads: In terms of safety, walkingpads are more secure than traditional treadmills. You don’t have to worry about unplugging it, as it automatically stops if you don’t make any movement on the walkingpads.

Preset Programs

Foldable Treadmill: One of the best thing about the treadmills is that it has a set of advanced programs already installed in it so that you can track your workout stats and keep yourself motivated. It also helps you get a good fitness regime and instantly observed the results without waiting for a long time.

Walkingpads: These devices don’t have any preinstalled programs to track your workout statistics. You will have to download a walkpad app from the play store and connect it with your device to track the workout data. The app only provides you basic details like the workout minutes and the number of calories burned.


Foldable Treadmill: You can perform various activities like running, jogging, or walking on the foldable treadmills. But you have to make sure that you set proper speed to perform any of these activities for better performance.

Walkingpads: These devices are designed only for walking purpose. You cannot run or jog on it as they are light in weight compared to the treadmills. You can control the speed of the device with remote control.

Secure Locks

Foldable Treadmill: These devices have a security lock to lock the treadmill folded upwards. These integrated locks ensure that the fold up treadmill doesn’t open up suddenly and harm anyone. It can keep your treadmill locked for a long time until the next use, so it is safe. Also, you don’t have to worry even if you have small children in the house.

Walkingpads: These devices don’t require any locks as it is folded horizontally and so can easily fit under the bed or sofa. Even accidentally, if this underdesk treadmill comes in contact with your children, you don’t have to worry about its safety as won’t harm them due to its horizontal folding body.


Foldable Treadmill: The foldable treadmills durability depends on its build quality and the way you use & store it. If you use the foldable treadmill with care, then it can last up to 10 years.

Walkingpads: The life span of the walkingpads also depends on its quality, motor, and how you use it. Since walkingpads are mini treadmills and have a thin body than the foldable or a traditional manual treadmill, you have to take more care of it while operating or storing it.

Treadmill or a walkingpad operating tips

If you have small children in your house, make sure you plug the cord in the socket that your kids cannot easily access.

Do let allow your children to play on or near the treadmills or workingpads.

Before starting your new workout regime, you can get a medical exam done so that you can track your progress every few days.

Do not jump out directly from the walking belt when you want to get down. You must stop the machine prior getting down.

You can schedule annual maintenance, so prevent any problems in the device.

You should look straight while working out instead of looking at your feet, as doing this will lose your balance.

You should wear proper shoes and clothes during the workout so that you can comfortably walk on it.


Foldable treadmills and walkingpads are both excellent with their unique features. It depends on your requirement and which one is suitable for you. I hope this article has helped you out in deciding your preferred device. It is always recommended to go through the features and warranty before purchasing any device.

Please share your workout experience with the readers in the comments section below.