5 Best-Rated Red Kratom Strains to Try

By  //  December 10, 2020

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Kratom has been gaining popularity for its various wellness benefits. With the demand increasing, the number of vendors is overflowing the market.

However, many vendors do not sell the quality day they promise. All the vendors mentioned here meet the basic standards of high quality and trustworthy kratom products.

1 . The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk Kratom brand keeps safety and quality as its top priority. They are very updated and incorporate safety as well as quality control operations in the industry. They keep the results transparent to the customers.

This brand is very particular about hygiene, making sure that they are maintaining a clean and sterile packing environment.

They have set up a climate-controlled clean room so that the chances of contamination from airborne organisms and other foreign particles are reduced. This is very important to keep different kratom strains like Bali kratom and Green Maeng Da safe.

What makes this brand a quick sell is that they have covered all grounds of safety. They frequently conduct stringent and safety tests with 6 samples per 1000 kg. They detect the presence of heavy metals and microbial toxins such as E. Coli, coliforms, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Salmonella.

This makes the experience of the consumers very safe, making The Golden Monk one of the top kratom vendors. You can find the test results one click away, posted regularly to ensure the customer’s highest safety standards.

Customer service is equally easy flowing and representatives are ready to answer any question you may ask over the phone, email or social media platforms. This brand provides you with a variety of options to choose from quality kratom powders, kratom extract and kratom capsules at reasonable prices.

2. Kona Kratom 

The quality which sets Kona Kratom aside is that they consistently strive to provide high standards of quality at a price which is reasonable to everyone. They strongly stand on their beliefs and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

The brand basically deals in kratom powders and capsules with a wide variety of strains, ranging from red to white to green vein.

They travel to rural villages to bring the strains from most respected traditional cultivators residing in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Kona Kratom never compromises on the purity and potency of the products, ensuring that they go through meticulous lab-testing.

They provide 7 days of customer service per week so that concerned customers can reach them easily.

3. Mitragaia

Previously known as Gaia Kratom, this brand was established in 2015, making it count among one of the oldest vendors. The brand prides in age and potency of the Sumatra harvests it deals in. Their site doesn’t step back from publishing their comprehensive test results online to keep the processes transparent.

They offer a variety of options like capsules, powders and tea extracts. You enjoy the experience of same-day delivery.

The company refrains from making the information on the number of tests public conducted within a metric ton of Red Vein Kratom powder. It is anticipated that they test for the presence of chromium, cobalt, arsenic, lead, nickel and vanadium.

Their website has an interactive interface, making it very easy to access. You can reach the customer support easily by phone, email, online ticketing system or through comments on social media.

4. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom has stepped into the market very recently, in 2015. It is a joint venture by husband and wife, Fulton and Katrina, emerging on the coast of North Carolina.

What made it distinct and popular so quickly is that they made living starter plants available which anyone can cultivate their own Kratom strains from. You will receive a plant along with the soil best suited for it. A detailed instruction is also provided that will help you nurture the plant and keep it healthy.

There are a variety of strains to choose from like Bali kratom, Borneo kratom, Malay kratom, Horned kratom, and Maeng Da kratom.

The shipping is made free all over the U.S. and everyone can avail a money-back satisfaction guarantee. The site has a personal touch to it as you are allowed glimpses into the family behind the business. It feels more friendly and trustworthy.

Their website is loaded with information about each product so that you are not lost and can choose the right one for you. They have claimed over time about their products being tested for alkaloids and other microbes.

However, no details are attached in the website. Customer support is satisfying and you can reach them through email, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and call.

5. Herbal Salvation Kratom

Herbal Salvation Kratom is particularly enriching about Maeng Da kratom. The store also makes available different side products from time to time, for regular users. Kratom energy shots, convenient measuring spoons and scales are some latest additions.

Any direct information about testing standards is not available on the site. Although, you can reach them over email or request for online help regarding the quality standards. They take 2-3 days to respond to the queries regarding their products so you will have to be patient.

On explaining the reason, the site says that most of the staff devote their time to maintain hygiene. They ensure a clean room for packing and carrying out tests for kratom review and analysis.

This list will help you get acquainted with the best quality and safe kratom vendors. They are highly-rated and provide what they have promised. Your search to get the best kratom with high potency ends here.