Is GamStop Just Online?

By  //  January 27, 2021

The striking growth of the gambling industry of the UK in the past decade has been alarming and equally a matter to look into. This industry owes most of its success to online gambling sites. Gambling is also considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the country.

The focus hence shifts to the fact that more than two million people are at risk of losing valuable resources and even future damages as a result. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission came up with a solution to this.

GamStop is an independent self-exclusion program for punters who are victims of gambling addiction. The scheme is a step towards public welfare and hence made free to all the citizens of the United Kingdom.

On registering to GamStop we would require all contact details along with information regarding devices that are accessible to the user registered. GamStop bans all the sites related to gambling registered with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

GamStop is only limited to online casino sites and does not cater to land-based casino establishments. Although there are plenty of gambling sites that are registered under offshore licensing agencies and are beyond the purview of Gamstop.

Yet provide an equally amazing plethora of games, promotional offers, and VIP deals. With a simple request, you could find casino operators that provide a way to get around GamStop on that are accessible internationally. Those operators attract UK players with excellent sports sections, wide sets of games, and generous welcome bonuses to everyone.

About offshore gaming licenses

UK punters have access to many offshore gambling sites that operate with licenses from Malta Gaming, Curacao, Comoros, and Costa Rica, etc. These sites are beyond the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and hence don’t need to abide by schemes such as Gamstop, Gamban, Gamcare, etc. While self-exclusion isn’t strictly imposed.

Multi-Operator Self Exclusion Scheme 

All independent legal gambling operators possess their own self-exclusion program to support safe gambling. Most of them partner up with multi-operator schemes enabling the public to practice self-exclusion with more than a single operator.

The Multi-Operator Self Exclusion Scheme also known as MOSES enables punters to practice self-exclusion from betting shops that are near their whereabouts. This particular scheme is based on recognition of face through pictures to hinder them from entering such shops since they are open to all adults.

This scheme is designed following the behavioral patterns of the person who is registered. It is telephone-based and one has to call up the staff of the service providers to book an exclusion service; although the website makes it clear about the services provided.

Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion 

Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion or SENSE is a scheme that helps to recognize problematic gamblers their addiction issues and make them voluntarily participate in a scheme to stay detached from the same destructive habits by banning themselves from all land based casino establishments in the UK.

It has been operating since August 2015 and has won the trust of more than 10,000 customers. The process of enrolment is swift and easy and continues till the ban is lifted. All services regarding the lifting of such a ban take place at the venue. The minimum time span for self-exclusion is 6 months before which it cannot be lifted, once registered.

The Bingo Industry Self Exclusion Scheme 

The Self Exclusion Scheme supported by the Bingo Industry comes to the rescue when a customer faces problems managing their gambling habits and helps to ban themselves voluntarily from all the land-based casinos providing bingo services.

Although they do not control the bingo websites, they can perform their services successfully in the case of all offline licensed bingo service providers all across the country. They maintain a database of registered individuals who want to be kept at bay from entering legal bingo establishment premises.

The process of enrolment takes place offline at the venue. One is required to fill a form and provide a digital image of him in order to start the exclusion period.

Concluding Thoughts

The rising popularity of online gambling services among punters of the United Kingdom is giving rise to a number of related services worldwide to impose restrictions and maintain regulations in order to make the industry abide by the laws formulated by the government. Currently, in the industry, there are several types of self-exclusion schemes for both online and offline gambling services.