Online Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

By  //  January 29, 2021

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One of the reasons why casinos are more appealing than land-based casinos to many users around the world is that they offer a rich selection of promotions, offers, and bonuses and, of course, rewarding loyalty programs. 

In fact, loyalty programs are one of the reasons why an increasing number of players pick online than traditional casinos. And, of course, it’s a good way for casinos to keep their regular players by offering a myriad of benefits and rewards.

If you’re wondering what loyalty programs are, and how they work, we cover everything that you need to know in this article.

How to Become Part of a Loyalty Program

The first step always is opening an account on the casino site. A great number of casinos attract new members by offering a welcome package. This gives you also a good idea of the treatment you will get as a member. So, it’s probably beneficial for you to claim your welcome package.

But, it’s best if you take some time and compare various welcome bonuses. This is why it’s important to find a reputable site where you can learn more about the different bonuses and get your own. For example, you can get your sign up bonus at Casinopro, which is a reliable site that provides reviews on different bonuses, casino sites, and games.

The welcome bonus can encompass bonus spins, deposit match bonuses, and in some cases, loyalty points that will jump-start your position in the program. Naturally, you can opt-out of the welcome bonus and still become a member of the casino.

What Are Loyalty Programs 

Simply put, loyalty programs of the casino reward active players. First, with a point-based loyalty program, you collect loyalty points when you play casino games on the site. Then, based on the number of points, you reach higher levels of the program. Typically, the higher levels in the loyalty program feature better rewards.

Based on the policy of the casino, you might earn more points for playing casino games than slot games, for example. Still, this might differ from one casino to another, and it’s best to read the terms of the conditions of the casino. Also, some casinos don’t have a tiered loyalty program.

Instead, you can redeem your loyalty points for bonus cash or other perks. Moreover, there are loyalty programs that use gamification, where you need to complete certain missions, or activities, to access the benefits.

Perks of Loyalty Programs 

The benefits of loyalty programs vary from one program to another. But, you will typically find great perks like birthday bonuses, cashback offers, personal account manager, higher withdrawal and deposit limits, faster withdrawals, boosted deposit bonuses, and many other advantages. Otherwise, you might also access exclusive prizes, sports tickets, the latest gadgets, and other perks.

Differences Between VIP Club and Loyalty Program 

Some casinos refer to their loyalty based scheme as a VIP Club. Others might offer an exclusive, invite-only, VIP club for high-rollers of the casino. The main difference between the two is that the loyalty program is accessible to everyone, and depending on your points, you get to enjoy different perks. The VIP program and its exclusive perks are only available to the members that got an invitation and with that achieved the status of a VIP player.

Although some casinos offer an in-depth explanation of what are the conditions of becoming a VIP player, some don’t offer detailed information on this topic. Still, generally, active players on the site, have a better chance of being part of a VIP Club.

That being said, it’s definitely important to check out different casinos and their loyalty programs before you make your decision. Overall, there are a lot of perks you can gain by being an active player.