The 6 Factors That Make Great Content

By  //  January 23, 2021

Before the internet, content had a limited place. But today, with the web, content strategy has never been so successful. Provided it is used wisely to generate leads on your site, you have to create good content.

Quality content is above all content that visitors want to read and share. A content marketing strategy must be put in place to create an effective strategy. This article shows you the 6 factors that must be considered while preparing your content marketing strategy.


A marketing action always has objectives to achieve, and they must be clearly identified. The best approach is to set SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

For more performance in your content strategy, consider establishing key performance indicators such as the number of visits to a particular page of your site, the click-through rate, social factors, etc.

Define types of content

The format and subjects of your content must be chosen according to the interest of your targets. For example, you can choose content like video tutorials, webinars, product demos, case studies, blog posts, white papers, toolkits, etc.

Remember, it all depends on the buyer’s personas. However, writing blog posts is a great start to an effective content strategy.

The goal is to create content that gives answers to questions and objections raised by your target audience. Do not neglect other content formats either, because they also generate engagement, traffic, and especially the conversion of your prospects.

The best content marketing strategies rely on more than blog posts – and so do you. You have to develop a list of content types and list their unique characteristics or requirements. This list of requirements can include a preferred word count or call to action (CTA).

Content Images: 

Your content guidelines should also consider the use and format of images. If you are creating custom graphics, for example, what fonts or colors should they use?

The tone of content: 

Although your company’s branding guidelines may indicate the preferred tone for press releases and other official communications, it may not address more casual types of content, such as blogging. Note these preferences in your guide.

Content length

This is one of the factors that continues to cause a lot of controversy among various SEO experts. In fact, many studies seem to show that Google prefers long content, but I do not know the final answer.

Not surprisingly, long content can generate more backlinks and, therefore, can be more easily placed on Google pages.

In any case, long content actually seems to be more effective than synthetic content, whether it’s a direct placement factor or a way to create content that can hold multiple links.

Sometimes think of the best way to do this. As a general rule, however, you can follow these guidelines:

If you think the text will be a book of 5,000 words, consider dividing the content into more specific sub-topics.

Finally, if you feel that you are completely exhausted by the topic you want to speak in 500 words, do not force it. Useful articles that answer your questions clearly are better than long content written to reach a certain number of words.

Content and keywords

Google has been able to assess the relevance of the content to a particular topic for several years, but the use of specific keywords remains important. This shows that Google is constantly conducting keyword analysis to assess the relevance of a site to a particular topic. Therefore, keyword selection and optimization are still very important to create high-quality content.


Of course, in addition to what is described in this article, there are many other factors that can help Google deliver results related to your search. Hundreds (for example, at least 200) of items might be involved each time the user clicks the Search button.

Many of these SEO factors can be managed by tools or technical means. But the content remains the most important aspect to address.  wordpens is the best platform to create high-quality content. Their professionals take care of even minor details while preparing content for your business.