Are There Any Tips to Win at Bingo?

By  //  February 19, 2021

If there is one casino game that has started to become popular in the last few years, which was only added to casinos recently, but has had sites since the early 2000s, it would be bingo.

Playing bingo can be incredibly fun, especially if you are in a room with others filled with excitement from the possibility of winning.

If you are new to bingo, or a seasoned player, and you would like to improve your chances at winning, then continue reading to find out if there are any tips to win at bingo.

Plus, we’ll give you a tip before you start informing yourself: Always remember to choose legit bingo sites that have been tested and reviewed by gambling professionals. The reason is quite simple. When you have at your disposal a wide array of casinos with bingo that have been carefully selected, you can focus only on having a good time, as the hard job has already been done.

What is bingo and how to play

Bingo is essentially a game of chance and was massively popular around the 1960s. To play bingo, you will need to buy a card or a book that contains printed numbers. When the game host draws a bingo ball, which represents a number on the cards, and calls it out, you will dab that number out on the card.

There are multiple ways to win money when playing bingo. The first is to cross a horizontal line on your card, and then call it out; doing this will win you some money. The second is to cross out two lines and is dependent on where you are playing, as some halls or sites allow two-line wins and others don’t.

Finally, the biggest winnings come from getting a full house, which means that you have to cross off all the numbers on your card.

You can learn the rules easily by playing bingo online from home for free which will give you a good solid foundation of how to win.

Buy more cards/books

The first thing to establish with this tip is that bingo is a game of chance, and doing this won’t improve your skill at playing the game. However, if you are looking at improving your chances of winning, then you should try to buy as many cards, or books as it is called in some halls or sites.

You may have tried to find a site that supports PayPal to buy cards, but they are far and few between, however, they do exist. Boomtown Bingo made a list of bingo sites that will allow you to buy cards using PayPal, so you can continue playing with ease.

It is very easy to calculate your chances of winning if you are thinking about using this method; simply divide the number of books you are playing with by the number of people that are playing.

For example, if you are playing with 4 books and there are 10 people playing, you have an estimated 34-40% of winning, compared to using only one book, which would be a 10% chance.

If you are playing in a hall, you should also consider how good your concentration and multitasking skills are, because if you miss even one number, you might not win at all.

Managing bankroll and game selection

While there might not be tips to improve your strategy, a good habit to get into, and one that might increase your chances of winning is to manage your bankroll effectively and choose the right games to play.

This is because managing your bankroll effectively will allow you to play more games over a longer period of time, and having more time and more games, means your chances of winning will naturally increase. Choosing the right game is also very important, especially online because there is such a difference in price between games.

Ideally, you should weigh up the cost of the game compared to the prize to be won, and how enjoyable the experience will be. A good habit would be not spending anything more than 3% of your bankroll in a session.

Don’t place stock in probability theories 

As stated above, bingo is a game of chance, however, there are 2 probability theories that are often cited by players. The first is by L.H.C. Tippet, who said that in short games, numbers between 1 to 18, or 58 to 78 are more likely to be called out, and in longer games, numbers between 19 to 57 are more likely to be called out.

The second is by Joseph Granville, who said that players should try to buy cards that have an even distribution of odd and even numbers, which was based on his opinion that this would happen over an unlimited number of games. Unfortunately, strategies that predict numbers, much like any game of chance, can’t be relied upon, since each game is completely random and independent from previous games.

Both probability theories will at times be correct, but also incorrect, and assuming that it was the theory that responsible for your victory is called confirmation bias.