Email Backup: How to Implement and Why Do You Need It?

By  //  February 17, 2021

Nowadays, more and more mailing clients provide their users with an opportunity to back up their files.

Some services offer limited free space to store one’s correspondence, others apply an extra fee for additional features.

Why People Need to Back up Their Files

There are many reasons why people do not trust this task to the mailing services and perform the email backup with special utilities. At least this is cheaper, more confidential, and secure. Read the post to find out more about the topic.

Saving Essential Correspondence

Sometimes, people lose an important message that was forwarded to their Outlook address. It is pity to lose a private message, but it can also be an essential email from the tax office or a recommendation from your previous employer. Meanwhile, email backup saves you from such situations. For instance, you can use a PST to PDF converter to save an important file in a convenient format.

Migration to Another Account or Server

It also happens that you need to move to another mail account or even to another server. You will probably lose the most important and necessary emails that cannot be returned from an old account. Then, for example, a backup copy of Outlook correspondence can help you out.

Providing Secure Access to Third Parties

You can always make a copy of the correspondence and give it to a third party for processing because convertors save a backup copy of the mail in a readable text format. So, you don’t have to worry about giving this person access to your current account. Information security is guaranteed!

Now you see how many advantages email backup has. Now let’s talk about how to properly implement it.

How to Back up Your Emails

Backing up email manually and writing scripts for it is a waste of time. All essential email backup tools are available in any commercial solution for converters. Besides the backup function, you will also get a convenient tool able to perform dozens of useful tasks from file conversion to edition.

If you are not going to download anything, but want to take mail directly from the server, then the IMAP is at your service. However, backing up email using IMAP requires some basic knowledge of your mailing client. So, this method is not always suitable for beginner users.

Finally, you can use special plugins for mail backup. Besides a plugin, you can also find single tools for creating Outlook backup. This is done in order not to force users to search for appropriate tools when they are going to organize a mail backup from a frequently used application.

In Conclusion

Now it is clear why you need to backup your correspondence. So, do not waste your time and energy, and find the best software solutions for your backup.