How the Use of QR Codes Help Businesses Increase Their Profit Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak?

By  //  February 2, 2021

As the business industry experiences an economic downfall because of the COVID-19 pandemic, how do smart businesses increase their profit with the use of QR codes? 

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020, various business establishments are forced to delimit their operations into essential and skeletal working schemes.

With the work limitations imposed by the community health personnel, small and large businesses couldn’t reach their target profit margin and are now forced to file for bankruptcy due to their unpaid business loans.

But as some succumb to their demise, smart business owners found a chance to turn a situation into an opportunity. With technology aiding their needs, smart business owners are integrating the use of QR codes to increase their profit amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. 

What is a QR code?

A QR or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional type of barcode with a design that is inspired by a Japanese board game. It scans faster and stores more data than traditional regular barcodes and integrates the use of four standard encoding system (kanji, binary, alphanumeric, and numeric) and Reed Solomon Encoding to securely embed the data into the code.

Today, you can see these dot and boxed barcodes placed in streets, store windows, bulletin boards, billboards and more.

How to create a QR code for business?

1. Choose and open an online QR code generator

2. Select the QR code category of the content of your choice and fill in the required fields. 

3. Generate a dynamic QR code

4. Customize your QR code design.

5. Test if it works.

6. Download and deploy in your business.

How businesses increase their profit with QR codes?

Smart business owners use QR codes to increase their profit and relay a new means to operate during times of a global health crisis. Because of their adept actions, here are four notable ways on how they do them.

New Marketing Campaign mode

Doing a traditional marketing campaign in a pandemic is can be difficult to execute. As they can cost more than the regular season campaigns, smart businesses are employing the use of QR codes to drive a new marketing campaign mode.

The use of QR codes especially the dynamic ones also allows them to edit and track their QR code marketing campaign’s scan performance in real-time.

Bringing people from offline to online transactions

Bringing people from offline to online transaction helps businesses increase their chance to turn a sales lead into a paying customer. As the process is important in today’s business operations, smart businesses are implementing the use of QR codes into their product inquiry flyers. Through this, they are able to increase their customer base and ROI.

Enforcement of contactless engagements with customers

In a business that specializes in providing food and hospitality services to customers, contactless engagements are heavily implemented. With the use of QR codes to enforce them, business establishments like restaurants and bars are able to continue their operations while following the strict community health regulations.

Restaurants and bars enforce successful contactless engagements with their customers by integrating the use of digital menus such as menu QR codes, which can be embedded in a PDF QR code or image QR code.

Cashless Payments

Cashless payment has become a pertinent payment method for health-conscious individuals today. With limiting the means to make physical contact with each other, the use of cashless payment ensures the health safety of the customers by giving the use of QR codes to scan and buy their purchased goods.

Because of that, smart businesses continue to increase their earnings without risking their staff and customers’ health safety.


Since the pandemic continues to worsen the world’s economy, smart business owners are turning towards a new means of increasing their profits with technology. The use of QR code is fitting into their required technology to boost their gains. Through this, they are able to engage in an operational yet safe business.

Smart businesses increase their profit by partnering with an online QR code generator with logo that allows them to modernize their business structure and be ready for any economic compromise that will rise in the future.