Why ILGM Marijuana Seed Plant is to be Preferred?

By  //  February 1, 2021

ILGM stands for I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA. The company is based in Netherland. They have a shipping facility in California.

The seeds of the company provide a germination guarantee as seeds are of the highest quality. They guarantee delivery to the EU and USA.

It is legit and known as a veteran in the online cannabis seed industry. The offered products and policies are above average. Furthermore, they provide outstanding customer service. The primary reason that improves the reputation of  ILGM day by day. As a result, the company gets more and more offers from both first-time buyers and repeated customers.

Best-selling seeds-

The quality of seeds offered is good across the board. The mix-packs and grow-kits provided by the company are some popular products because of the convenience they provide.

Have a look at the list of the best-selling seeds by the seed bank.

■ Blueberry

■ Blue dream

■ Super silver haze

■ White widow

■ Gorilla glue

■ Super shunk

■ Sour diesel

■ Strawberry kush

■ Girl scout cookies

■ Gelato

9 amazing uses of their plant – Check out some of its surprising uses:

■ Substitute for fish oil- No issues that fish oil contains fatty acids that are essential for the body’s nutrition. Unfortunately, fish oil is expensive and not suitable for vegetarians because of their diets. Luckily, hemp contains similar acids that make it a perfect alternative to fish oil.

■ Longer lasting paper: The seeds are more eco-friendly than regular wood. They grow much faster than trees. You will get shocked that they have been used as paper for thousands of years.

■ Birdseed: They have been included in various types of birdseed. As it contains many nutrients, they are preferred for pets as well.

■ Biofuel: This could be the most fantastic use of the ILGM plant. They are renewable and don’t release any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

■ Plastic alternative: With none of the toxic chemicals, they are as strong as plastic. They are used as an alternative, but they are much stronger than regular plastic. Moreover, a perfect combination of stronger and inexpensive.

■ Insulation: The plants are capable of making wonderful insulation for the home. You don’t believe that once it becomes possible for Henry Ford to design a car by using such plants.

■ Inexpensive replacement for graphene: By graphene, I mean “future of nanotechnology”. Besides lightweight, the material is strong and thin. The product could be the future of technology as it is less expensive than graphene.

■ Antibacterial fabric: The plants are capable of developing antibacterial fabric. This helps to stop the spread of bacteria that causes infection.

■ An alternative to concrete: The plants are used as an alternative to concrete. They are flexible, waterproof, lightweight, and fireproof than concrete.

Final Words: The company is an excellent place for buying marijuana and growing supplies as well. ILGM offers peace of mind to customers by the germination and delivery guarantees.