15 Affordable Items For Home Decor

By  //  March 27, 2021

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Buying a new house and furnishing it, is not enough to make a liveable home. Adding the right pieces of home decor to your surrounding can really change the vibe and mood of your space. And there is nothing like relaxing in your cozy home after a hectic workday!

But if you are worried about the hole home decor items might burn in your pocket, this is where Lowe’s steps in. Known as one of the best places for home decor items, Lowe’s is the perfect place to get started on your little home project. Amp your savings using Lowe’s coupons and avail discounts of up to 80% on clearance items or up to 50% off on regular priced items.

Still confused about what to buy? Here’s a list of some of the most affordable items for home decor:

Wall Prints

Wall art or prints are really an integral part of interior designing which can literally improve whatever color palette that you may have used on your walls. They compliment any color very well and make things look more exciting. Nowadays so many options in this category are available that you will easily find a large-scale piece at quite affordable rates.


A wall clock is not only a timekeeper but can also be an excellent piece of decoration. But you need to be careful while choosing the correct shape and design cause it needs to compliment your interior style, it shouldn’t be something too much glamorous or extravagant otherwise it can do the exact opposite of your purpose of buying it. Discounts worth up to 70% off are being frequently offered by Wayfair to make sure that you get your choice of home decor items.

Table Lamps

Some people don’t like the idea of table lamps or floor lamps cause they like to rely on ceiling lights but that’s not so good looking cause these ceiling lights are too bright and cast a good amount of big shadows on your furniture or wardrobes in the room. These table lamps rather provide a softer lift that is soothing on the eyes and also perfectly does the job of illuminating particular places.


If you recently have installed some good quality furniture in your home then the best way to enhance their beauty is by throwing in some well-designed cushions of various shapes and sizes. Not only do they increase your comfort but also give that big and bold furniture an appealing look.


This one is not new in modern days cause it has been used for quite a few decades and maybe centuries for enhancement of your home beauty. It creates a magnificent ambiance not only by the visual aspect but also through the sense of smell. The ones made with natural fragrances ooze out a lovely smell lingering all over your home preventing any kind of toxic smell entrance.


This is mostly used in different homes for the main purpose of adding a softer layer on hard floorings but some people take pride in choosing a perfect one based on their taste, quality of material, and also prints and designs, in which case those can also be treated as a piece of art.


Whether you want one made from glass or porcelain or metal, there’s no lack of options for you to choose a vase from. You can buy ones that are oversized and stand them beside your nice furniture or buy the small ones and put some dried flowers in them and flaunt them on top of your tables or some other shelves. If you are looking for flowers, David Austin roses are your best friend.


Art always has an intriguing factor to it and that’s why people love it so much. It’s not like you need to buy those original high-end ones or from limited edition cause that can very costly. But you can go for original local arts and better if you can understand the motivation of the artist behind making it. Currently, Hobby Lobby is offering over 40% discount on clearance items and a flat 50% discount on home decor items.


One of the most friendly things to use as a decor item is books. You can put them anywhere or stack them on those wall shelves and they will still look good. They can also become a good conversation topic for the guests who have come over. JoAnn is currently offering an extra 20% off for first-time subscribers and a flat 50% off on regular priced items for every user.


These are mainly used because of their ability to create an illusion of a bigger space behind you while looking in them. Various kinds of mirrors are currently available in the market to choose from and if you can perfectly place them based on your strategy they reflect a lot of positive vibes and energy.

Indoor plants

With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious they are getting inclined towards planting more trees. Many of them are also planting small plants in small pots inside their due to lesser open space which in turn becomes a good home decor as well. These serve in both ways, one is giving that nice touch of greenery to your home and on the other hand, give our some fresh oxygen to the environment.

Photo frames

Framing photos can be a great idea cause in that way you can frame your beautiful cherishable memories once and for all and also flaunt them at different corners all-around your house. But you gotta keep in mind one thing, by no means it should become all about showmanship.

Glass Sculpture

People avoid using glass sculptures as home decor because those are too fragile but at the same time, they are the ones with the most intricate detailing and amazing designs. These designs can’t just be done by anyone, they require a lot of skill sets and hard work of the artist and that’s why if you buy one of these glass sculptures it surely will attract the eye of anyone visiting your house.

Dried Floral Arrangements

You can’t always keep fresh and lively flowers cause sooner or later they will die so the best alternative is dried floral arrangements. You can get any kinds of grasses, stems, blooms, and flowers in this type of form and they provide that right texture and lasts for a longer period of time.


Just like you need some good books as home decor, the same way you need good bookends as well to keep those books. They can be made of plastic, wood, metal anything doesn’t matter, what matters is their look and their unique ways of keeping the books steady and organized.

So these are some of the home decor items that you can look out for while renovating or upgrading your new or old home and also keeping in mind that they are perfectly budget-friendly as well. In case if some of these items tend to be out of budget then you can look for discount coupons offered by various big online platforms which will surely make your bill smaller cutting out all the big expenses.