5 Essentials to Having a Healthy Relationship

By  //  March 15, 2021

To a lesser or greater extent, the global pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. Social distancing and lockdown have impacted our ability to socialize, forcing people who would normally be going out to work or study to remain at home.

This enforced isolation has placed a strain on relationships. Eventually, the situation will get back to something approaching what might be termed ‘normality.’ But it would still be worthwhile understanding how to keep relationships healthy, regardless of what is happening in the outside world.

Aim to keep your partner happy

Never assume that once you get to a stage in your relationship where you are content in each other’s company and there are few arguments, that this means you can simply coast along in neutral. Always approach your connection with similar enthusiasm to the way you undoubtedly did when you first get together and in your ‘first flushes of love.’

Give unexpected gifts. Spoil your partner with tickets for something you know they’d appreciate, whether that’s a gig or a theater event. And never stop giving compliments – if you’d like to pick up a few tips, you’ll find some fantastic advice here.

Maintain lines of communication

Relationships thrive when both parties feel they can broach any subject with their partner. Where either of you feels your partner is hiding something for whatever reason, this can sew seeds of mistrust, and if this situation isn’t addressed, it can eventually lead to an erosion of trust.

Even if you are both leading busy lives, the key to keeping your relationship healthy is to set aside time for each other, when you can chat about how your day progressed, or discuss deeper concerns you might have.

Mutual respect

Your partnership will stay fulfilling and meaningful as long as you are always respectful of each other. Pay close attention to anything your partner tells you, whether this is relating to fairly trivial matters or more important topics. If they get the impression you have been ignoring them, this will create unnecessary tension.

Praise their achievements, and always be prepared to give support to them, particularly during stressful occasions. From an impending job interview to a tricky family situation, or whatever, there will be any number of situations when they would benefit from empathy.

Be prepared to compromise

Few relationships are so ideal that the individuals never feel the urge to question something their loved one has done or said. There is friction in even the healthiest of relationships – we are all individuals, with strong opinions we need to voice now and again.

But the best aspect of disagreeing or arguing, even when this can become very vocal, is the prospect of making up again at the end of it. Never allow disagreements to fester. Having the courage to relinquish your dogmatic position and agree to meet your partner half-way, no matter how much you might disagree with their stance, is a sign of maturity. If you can learn the value of diplomacy, you will maintain a strong bond.

Maintain individuality

For your partnership to thrive, you need to respect each other’s space. Where healthy relationships are concerned, this flexibility is one of the most essential components of all.

If your partner enjoys weekends away with friends, don’t stifle their freedom by making demands about them keeping in touch, or having them explain every aspect of what they intend to do. Accept that they have a life outside of your relationship, as you would undoubtedly expect them to reciprocate. When you have reunited again, your bond will be strengthened.