6 Steps to Starting a Nursing Career

By  //  March 25, 2021

Starting a nursing career is an excellent decision to make. It’s a path that allows you to care for those in need, make great friendships, and join a role with many advancement options.

With that in mind, you probably want to kickstart your career right away, but how do you go about doing that? Fortunately, while the path certainly isn’t easy, understanding the process is.

If you’re ready to pursue your dream of becoming a nurse, here are six steps you must take.

Choose Your Specialty 

Your first step is to decide which area of nursing you want to work in. There are plenty of options to choose from, from midwife to nurse anesthetist, so you have many careers to research before deciding on the one that suits you.

Don’t worry too much if you can’t decide at first, as there are plenty of advancement options down the road if you want to choose a specialty.

Apply for a Nursing Program 

The next step is applying for a nursing program. All nurses need a minimum of an associate’s degree, so look at entry requirements to get started in your education.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, there are other options you can take, such as an absn program. This is an accelerated program that you can study either in-person or from home. Studying at Online ABSN Programs could have you nurse qualified in as little as a year – have a look at onlineabsnprograms.com for more information.

Remember, nursing is a competitive field, so make sure you take your time with your applications, and if you’re still in high school, aim for a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Shine in Your Studies 

It’s not enough to apply and graduate in your studies. To improve your chances at great employment, make sure you put all your effort into your studies. That means always showing up on time, retaining as much knowledge as possible, and taking on all training opportunities.

Studying is an excellent time to network, too, so make friends and become close with your teachers and those you train with.

Get Your License 

Attaining your state license is essential for becoming a nurse, and they may also require a background check. Once you’ve completed your studies, get your license so that you can begin applying to nursing jobs.

Search for Employment 

Applying for nursing roles is similar to any career – you need an excellent resume to nail the interviewing process and great recommendations. At this stage, connections will really help you out!

You must also decide where you’d like to work. Registered nurses can work in several places, from clinics to hospitals, so apply to the places you’d like to work.

Advance in Your Career 

While many nurses happily settle as an RN, there are plenty of options to advance. This part is especially crucial for those who decided on a more advanced specialty, such as a nurse practitioner or a nurse-midwife. Look into the various options you have to develop and become the nurse you’ve always wanted to be.