CGI Communications & Bob Bartosiewicz Contributing to Local Communities

By  //  March 18, 2021

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In today’s world, everyone is looking to companies to play their part in being good neighbors and helping out in the communities which support them.

More and more companies are incorporating social responsibility programs in their operations, and CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has seen to it that CGI Communications is living up to expectations.

CGI Communications is making every effort to breathe life back into communities following the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the positivity and teamwork which will pull the world through the current crisis.

Cost-Free Community Initiatives

CGI Communications have taken the opportunity to start helping out communities across North America. They have seen the importance of cooperating and offering their skills to local governments and mayors to improve lives in communities everywhere.

They believe in the synergy between businesses and local people and are doing what they can to strengthen and build those relationships.

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz sees the importance of working with nonprofits, local businesses, and others to enhance community trust, encourage citizens to engage with their leaders, and attract new residents to towns.

Working With Communities

The company works to capture and display all the things which make communities special. They explore the leisure time, the work opportunities, and the day-to-day workings of communities across North America. Their focus is on celebrating diversity and the uniqueness which makes places proud.

Their work wants to remind towns what they should be proud of and help them engage with the people around them. In a world that has become increasingly digital, especially in the past year, they believe in finding technological solutions to some of the challenges of isolation that everyone is facing.

They look to give a voice to individuals and let them tell their stories, enhancing the sense of connection and warmth among members of the community. They have worked with over 6000 communities over the past 30 years, meaning they know exactly how to highlight the key essence and underlying atmosphere of vibrant places.

With a focus on celebrating the good, working hard for the sake of others, and partnerships, they are helping communities thrive in spite of recent challenges.

Working With Businesses

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz also recognizes the importance of celebrating businesses and organizations in these times. The company is interested in how they can help companies thrive.

With some cutting-edge technology such as voice-powered searches, CGI Communications is helping businesses differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. With many businesses struggling as a result of COVID-19, their input has been crucial.

They have also chosen to provide a listing for every business in a given community, completely free of charge, in an attempt to help businesses gain better exposure and stay afloat in these difficult times. This is a mark of how dedicated CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz is to empowering businesses and not-for-profits.

Working With Local Governments

With all the uncertainty in today’s world, many people are turning to their local governments for security, reassurance, and advice. It’s more important than ever that governments take a strong, focused, and empathetic approach to their citizens.

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz wants to help by building videos designed to encourage everyone to work together and take pride in their city.

These videos aim to take a sensitive tone, recognizing current hardships but focusing on hope for the future. Reminding people of current values and the importance of hard work, CGI Communications is looking to inspire and increase the resilience of viewers, and encourage them to work with and help each other out.

The Overall Impact

In essence, CGI Communications’ videos and ethics aim to promote community spirit, empower businesses and nonprofits with cutting-edge technology, and show citizens that their local government sees, hears, and supports them.