HIPAA Сompliant Texting as a Key For Better Patient Care

By  //  March 24, 2021

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With people relying on their mobile phones for their daily needs, medical and health companies have been catching up thanks to what is called a HIPAA compliant texting app.

What is a HIPAA-compliant texting app? It’s basically an app that secures your messages that allows healthcare organizations to protect your health information while still having an open flow of communication between authorized users.

The HIPAA compliant texting app allows medical staff and physicians to communicate but at the same time keeping their patients’ privacy.  With secure texting, this will streamline and simplify the communication between medical staff, physicians, and patients.

There are so many benefits to having HIPAA-compliant texting.

1. Streamlining of communication. This will allow the patients to keep in touch with the medical staff, physicians, or healthcare providers, who in return will be able to customize texting rules and templates they can use to inform patients.

2. Using a HIPAA-compliant texting app also gives patients better access.

It also gives physicians or medical workers better ways of arranging, scheduling or canceling appointments with patients. In return, patients are given a secure and safe way of giving their information.

3. A HIPAA-compliant texting app also saves time for both the patient and physicians. With the app, it will give physicians a chance to send questions to the patients which they can answer upon receiving. In return, they can send it back, which will help the physician or medical staff determine their course of action.

4. Using the app also decreases the time on the phone. Let’s face it – we get frustrated when calls are not answered. With the app, you can send your concerns to the doctor in real-time and you will get an answer without even going through the operator or the secretary.

5. With a HIPAA-compliant texting app, you can send photos and visuals to your physician quickly. All you have to do is to attach a photo or video and the doctor can immediately check and prescribe you what you need to do.

Another reason why the HIPAA-compliant texting app is an advantage is that it will allow doctors and medical staff to know if the patient has been checked or not. It not only eliminates miscommunication but also allows more chances of patients to be checked and attended to by the doctor.

With so many HIPAA-compliant texting apps out there, it is very important to look at what suits your needs. Also, remember to check on the reviews of the app as it may help you determine whether to download it and use it to get in touch with your doctors.

A HIPAA-compliant texting app will definitely benefit the patient’s needs. Given the challenging times, it will ease the burden and concerns on your health. So download that app and start communicating with your physician to help you get healthy and strong amid these trying times.