Non-GamStop Casinos: Are These Sites a Good Fit For You? 

By  //  March 25, 2021

With the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regularly adding more and more restrictions to online casinos, many British gamblers are looking for alternative gambling sites. While some restrictions are necessary to protect problem gamblers, these curtailments can significantly dampen the enjoyment of playing casino games.

This article will give you an insight into how both GamStop and non-GamStop casinos operate. You can then judge for yourself which is the better type of platform, seeing the benefits and drawbacks of each options. 

GamStop Gambling Functions with the UKGC 

With gambling being so accessible, regulators are having a difficult time when it comes to combatting problem gambling behaviour.

Due to the sheer volume of players, they cannot take an individualized approach in many cases, so the authorities implement restrictions on the operators themselves that cover all players. These include severe caps on bet sizes, a ban on certain payment methods, and meager bonus offers.

The UKGC also uses the services of GamStop to assist with this issue. This tool allows someone to self-exclude themselves from all GamStop casino sites for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. As every site that is licensed by the UKGC must be a part of GamStop, problem gamblers can quickly self-exclude themselves for every UK-licensed platform.

Once someone self-excludes through GamStop, there is no going back. Early cancellation is not an option, so they must see the self-exclusion period through to the finish. 

How Casinos Not on GamStop Work 

As GamStop casinos have so many restrictions, many people are looking to find alternative options. Non-GamStop platforms are outside of the scope of GamStop as they do not hold a UKGC license.

Therefore, they do not receive your information and GamStop data to prevent you from registering at their sites. However, these sites will usually have a license with another reputable authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the government of Curacao.

There are numerous benefits associated with using a non-GamStop casino. Many people enjoy the privacy benefits as there is usually limited information needed to sign up and little account verification is normally necessary. You have an abundance of payment methods to use, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

There will also be fewer restrictions on how much you can bet per spin and transaction sizes. Game libraries are often a lot bigger on these alternative platforms, offering many exciting games from new and old developers alike rather than relying on the stale game libraries at UK casinos.

It is important to highlight that people who are part of the GamStop self-exclusion program should not seek to use non-GamStop sites. Problem gambling is a serious issue and those who suffer in this regard should avoid all gambling-related activities. Non-GamStop casinos are for those people who can control their impulses. 

Can you Legally Play at Non-UK Casinos?

People in the UK can legally use non-GamStop casinos and not have any worries about doing so. You are able to use legitimate online gambling sites as you please and do not have to be curtailed only to those operators which are UKGC-licensed.

If there is any question about the legality of the non-GamStop platform, then the consequences will fall on the shoulders of the operator and not the players.

They might face persecution and relevant penalties as opposed to the players themselves. However, just because non-GamStop offerings are legal doesn’t mean problem gamblers should use them in an effort to get around GamStop self-exclusion. 

Should You Try Non-GamStop Casinos? 

If you are someone who enjoys having great freedom when it comes to game selection, betting sizes, and transaction sizes then non-GamStop casinos could be a great fit for you. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands. Here is a look at both the major benefits and drawbacks associated with these types of offerings:

Pros of Using Non-UK Casinos 

■ Large game libraries that contain titles from many different developers

■ Ability to use a wide range of payments methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies

■ Bonuses and promotions are often bigger and more lucrative

■ Fewer restrictions on bet sizes and game features

■ Not as many verification checks needed

■ Most platforms have their own self-exclusion offering and account restriction tools 

Cons of Using Not Using GamStop Casinos 

■ Allows self-excluded gamblers to bypass GamStop

■ Some major game developers don’t provide titles to these sites

■ Players unable to access third-party dispute agencies like IBASS

■ GBP not always an option

GamStop Sites vs Non-UK Betting Sites 

When you weigh everything up, you ultimately have to decide between GamStop casinos and non-GamStop casinos. If you are looking for the strictest level of protection whereby your gambling is tightly controlled, but give up a lot of playing features and account functionality, then GamStop casinos might be for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking to use platforms that are still secure but have much more freedom in terms of game features, payment methods, and betting sizes, then non-GamStop platforms could be right up your street. 


Once non-GamStop sites are not being used by problem gamblers who are trying to avoid their GamStop self-exclusion, they can be of massive benefit to UK players. They offer you great freedom in accessing the latest exciting titles, bigger bonuses, no curtailments on game features, and much more. The signup process on these sites is even fast and efficient, so you can start playing some of these exciting games in no time at all.