Virtual Dating During COVID-19: Things You Need to Know

By  //  March 9, 2021

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The 2020 pandemic has altered so many aspects of society, from forcing work or study to be undertaken in the home environment, to introducing zoom parties.

Covid-19 has had a particularly potent impact on the world of dating, with the mass closure of outlets singles once relied upon for interacting with kindred spirits: coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, and social clubs.

Many are now choosing to join the huge numbers already searching for partners via a dating site. Whether you’re new to the virtual environment, or have already registered with a site, here are some of the key aspects about dating during Covid-19 to be aware of.

Site users are spending longer online

Up until 2020, singles using online dating service would often flit around from one prospective partner to another, getting to know other singles as quickly as possible before kickstarting a series of get-togethers.

In the current atmosphere, that has all changed. Because people are being so cautious in other aspects of their lives, they are taking the opportunity dating services offer to communicate in a more relaxed way.

Relationships are becoming more intense

People who are connecting via online dating service have always approached this activity with varying degrees of commitment. But the default position is far more likely to be aspiring to a longer-term connection.

Although the pandemic may have created an atmosphere where people are eager to live for the moment, they are also very wary of the risks of getting involved with strangers. As singles do develop chemistry and trust is established, the result will be even more intense bonds being developed.

Some are less so

For others, the pandemic situation will have created an atmosphere where people are less focused on being monogamous. With the light at the end of the tunnel as vaccines are being ruled out, a sense of optimism might well be reflected in people grasping the moment.

People are much choosier

The pandemic has created an atmosphere where people are not necessarily rushing into relationships with the same enthusiasm as before.

When it comes to opting for a particular site to sign up to, singles are much more liable to spend some time considering the various options, especially if the site in question seems to be advocating ‘no strings attached’ encounters.

The focus is much more likely to be on those outlets that are catering to sincere get-togethers and longer-term partnerships.

Expect to provide answers

Not so long ago, the most pressing questions to ask about the background of a potential partner sometimes included their sexual history.

Nowadays, other dating site members will be much more liable to interrogate you about your exposure to Covid-19. They will want to know if you are a frontline worker, or if you have had any direct experience through family members, or work colleagues.

They will also be interested to find out about your location – this would be understandable, given the daily news bulletins presenting maps revealing current infection hotspots.

Offline liaisons require careful planning

When the time comes to arrange the first face-to-face encounter, the prospect of suggesting certain restaurants, coffee shops or bars is no longer on the agenda.

Instead, you will have to pay close attention to what the existing restrictions are for any of these locations. You will have to assess how ‘Covid secure’ any destination is, whether or not your temperature will be taken on the way in, and the mask-wearing policy.