A Closer Look at Inter Miami and David Beckham

By  //  April 8, 2021

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Major League Soccer (MLS) has clearly grown in stature since its first season in 1996. Since that first season, several players from across the world including David Beckham, Kaka and Frank Lampard have spent periods of time in the league.

The number of teams in the league has grown as well. From 10 teams in 1996 to 27 in the 2021 season. One of the newest teams is of course Inter Miami, who list David Beckham as an owner and were recently founded in 2018. During Inter Miami’s first season, they finished 10th in the Eastern Conference. Lewis Morgan, who used to play for Celtic, was their top scorer with five goals in 24 appearances.

Miami’s manager Diego Alonso was replaced by David Beckham’s former teammate Phil Neville at the end of the season, fresh from his time managing the England women’s team. Neville’s tenure starts with a potentially tricky opening fixture against La Galaxy, although they are seen as clear favorites in the football odds, which is a promising sign.

The 2021 season

Reaching the end-of-season playoffs would mark a successful second season in the MLS. Recent additions to the roster include Ryan Shawcross from Stoke City and Kieran Gibbs from West Brom. Gonzalo Higuaín, who was signed in 2020, is also expected to play an important role throughout the season.

The role of David Beckham

David Beckham is a footballing icon and celebrity who had played for some of the biggest European clubs including Manchester United and Real Madrid. After signing for La Galaxy in 2007, his love affair with the MLS and American soccer began.

When Beckham signed for Galaxy, he gained the option of purchasing an upcoming MLS expansion team and this is something he ultimately exercised with his involvement in Inter Miami. It will certainly be interesting to see if David Beckham’s profile can persuade current legends of the game to sign for the club. Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were both linked with signing for Miami when contracts with their current clubs end.

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What does the future hold for Inter Miami and David Beckham?

A key factor of their development as a club over the next few years will undoubtedly be their academy. With David Beckham and Phil Neville – both members of Man United’s class of 92 – in prominent positions they certainly have people with experience in youth football.

Felipe Valencia signed for the academy in 2019 and recently signed a pro contract. In doing so, the player became one of the youngest players to sign a contract in the history of the MLS.

A further look at the club’s website shows the number of teams that they are running as an academy, thus providing an indication of the importance that the club is placing on football outside of the first team. This investment in the academy is also evidence of the long-term planning throughout the club and should it be successful, they could become a force to be reckoned with in the MLS.