Blast Auxiliary Review: Will it Cool You Down?

By  //  April 8, 2021

Blast Auxiliary reviews are everywhere and with summer right around the corner it’s important to get ahead of the game with a quality air conditioning unit you can trust – especially before temperatures start to skyrocket!

At the same time, not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on traditional air conditioning units that take up a lot of space, consume a lot of energy, and drive electricity bills through the roof, too.

Thankfully, with the Blast Auxiliary unit you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

One of the most impressive new personal air conditioning units to hit the market in the last few years, you’ll want to check out our in-depth Blast Auxiliary review for more information.

Let’s dig right in!

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What is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

Engineered from top to bottom to provide you with consistent cool temperatures without having to plug in a traditional air conditioning unit, the Blast Auxiliary set up is a dream come true for those looking to beat the heat on a smaller scale level.

No, a Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit isn’t going to be able to cool down an entire house.

But that’s not what it’s been designed for.

Instead, this AC unit is going to create a “bubble” of perfectly cool air around your personal workspace, your spot on the sofa, or any other individual area in your home that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in.

In fact, some folks say in their Blast Auxiliary reviews that they like to set these up on nightstands on both sides of their bed, creating perfectly cool temperatures for them to sleep in without having to listen to huge air-conditioners drone on all night long.

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Is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Legit?


Taking advantage of evaporative cooling technology that has existed for more than 100 years, this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit is going to guarantee that you stay nice and cool in record time.All Blast Auxiliary reviews can confirm this.

The engineering “under the hood” of this personalized AC unit is what helps to separate it from the rest of the pack.

On top of the vapid cooling technology we just mentioned above, it uses louvered fan technology to rapidly cool you down inside of 30 seconds (or less) – and it also does double duty as a humidifier or as a standard fan.

All Blast Auxiliary reviews also mention loading up the Blast Auxiliary unit is super simple and straightforward.

Just drop a couple of ice cubes you froze in your freezer into the special compartments on the AC, crank the fan to your desired wind level, and you are off to the races.

You get immediately called air pumped out over your personal space, helping you better control cooling levels in spaces that you share with others, too. Some people like spaces a little warmer, some people like spaces that are a little cooler, and some people aren’t interested in AC at all.

Well, thanks to the personalized and directional control nature of this specific AC unit those conflicts disappear completely!

Combine that with the general affordability of the Blast Auxiliary AC and everyone in your house can get their own unit without spending a fortune (or cause energy bills to skyrocket along the way).

It really doesn’t get much better than that!

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How Does Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Actually Work?

As we highlighted earlier, the Blast Auxiliary Classic unit is very simple and straightforward in the way that it produces supercold and controllable temperatures, just as mentioned in all Blast Auxiliary reviews.

For starters, you’ll load up the internal ice cube tray of this unit directly into the evaporative cooling system.

From there, just turn on the internal fan to the level that fits the kind of breeze you’re looking to create – lower settings produce a gentler level of cool than on higher settings, obviously – and you are off to the races!

But the beauty of the Blast Auxiliary Classic unit is that it isn’t just going to cool you down weekly by helping you to produce cool, crisp air with the help of the internal fan.

It’s also going to help take moisture out of the air through the evaporative process and then release it strategically through the humidifier capabilities of this unit itself.

That really helps to balance things out a bit, avoiding the muggy feeling that really humid days can produce towards the July and August part of summer.

The best part of using this AC unit as mentioned in some Blast Auxiliary reviews, has to be the complete level of controllability you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

Only want to cool things down a little bit?

Add fewer ice cubes into the tray and use the lower level fan settings.

Really need to beat the heat in a hurry?

Load the internal chamber up with just as many ice cubes as you can fit and crank the fan to maximum – you’ll be cooled down inside of 30 seconds (or less)!

You are always in total control of the temperature in your personal space when you are running the Blast Auxiliary Classic.

Does Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Really Work?

All of the principles that the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit has been built on top of have worked for over 100 years to help people stay cool when the mercury starts to rise.

The evaporative cooling technology was the original precursor to traditional air conditioning solutions, and everyone knows that a nice fan producing just the right amount of airflow and circulation can help keep things cool – even without an AC unit running!

Combine all of that with a humidifier and a traditional air cooling system (all of which are built right into Blast Auxiliary) and you’ve got a system that “just works” right out of the gate.

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Can Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Cool a Room?

A single Blast Auxiliary is going to have a bit of a tough time cooling down larger rooms, but it can cool down your personal space in a room (your desk area and office, the seating area in a living room, your bed in your bedroom, etc.) without any headache or hassle.

The beauty of using these amazing and compact units is that you can set a couple of them up in a space to control the temperature without having to deal with traditional AC units that are always noisy and always expensive to own and run.

On top of that, you can pick up and take the Blast Auxiliary AC with you wherever you like in your home (or even when you travel) thanks to its portable nature.

That means you’re never without an AC unit ever again!

Who is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Good For?

It isn’t hard to find Blast Auxiliary reviews that are glowingly positive, but most there are definitely certain kinds of people that will find this kind of AC unit a little more useful than others:

■ Folks that own smaller apartments, condos, or homes

■ Folks that don’t love loud, noisy, and expensive air conditioning units

■ People that just need something to take a bite out of summer heat

■ People that want to have an “on demand” air conditioning system that they can take with them while they travel, never having to worry about sitting (or sleeping) in hot, sweaty spaces ever again

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How Much Does a Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Cost?

Most of the time, it’s possible to purchase a single Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit directly from the manufacturer for $89.99.

In the lead up to the summer season, however, they are offering a 50% off coupon for those that want to get ahead of the game with a quality, portable, desktop style AC unit that really works.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these AC units you’ll want to move quickly. There’s no telling when this 50% off discount is going to disappear (or if it will ever come back again in the future)!

Where Can I Buy a Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

The only place you’ll be able to get your hands on a Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit is directly from the manufacturer themselves via their official website.

These aren’t the kinds of things you’ll find at your local department or hardware store!

Thankfully, though, by cutting out the middleman completely the people behind this amazing air conditioning device have been able to reduce the price significantly. You won’t have to worry about paying any extra markup for one of these AC units with direct to consumer pricing from the official website.

That’s tough to beat!

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Pros and Cons

■ Incredibly compact and easy to use

■ Super portable and lightweight

■ A single unit can cool you down wherever you are in the home as it “travels” with you

■ Directional air control and fan settings let you dial in the perfect temperature

■ Makes almost no noise whatsoever while cooling you down (even at maximum levels)

■ You’ll have to order this directly from the manufacturer, it isn’t available in stores

■ Not quite as powerful as central air conditioner systems

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable solution that helps you beat the summertime heat this year (without having to spend a lot of money along the way) the Blast Auxiliary AC unit is well worth looking into.

Compact, lightweight, powerful, and capable of delivering consistently cool temperatures without a lot of headache or hassle, don’t be surprised if you buy one and start leaving a bunch of glowingly positive Blast Auxiliary reviews online, too!

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