Top 5 Equipment to Stay Healthy at Home

By  //  April 5, 2021

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We spend hours at home. We work, watch movies, chat with friends or bet at 22Bet in front of our PCs. It leads to a lack of movement and impacts on our health negatively.

To avoid such problems, organize a gym at home with these 5 tools.

Balance Board

Balance boards develop coordination, train a sense of balance, and increase the effect of conventional exercises. Snowboarders and skaters work on the balance board.

Balance board is a solid board with a roller on which you need to keep your balance. A balance board is a sturdy board with a roller on which you need to hold your balance.

First, you just need to stand on it for a few minutes and try to keep your balance. Then try to keep the balance without looking at your feet.

When you can stand on the board without concentrating on the process, you can use the balance board to diversify your training. For example, squat or lift dumbbells while standing on this board.

Hand and Leg Weights

Weights are placed in fabric bags that are easy to fasten on ankles or wrists. There are light ones, 0.5 kg per piece. There are heavy ones where the weight can be adjusted by taking out or adding metal cylinders.

Non-professional sportsmen like to exercise with weights on the bottom abs. The weight seems to be small, but the exercise becomes more complicated thanks to its placing on the ankle and the muscles begin to burn literally after five or six repetitions.


Any workout can be divided into aerobic and anaerobic, otherwise known as cardio and strength. When we work out at home, we usually lack just enough cardio: running, swimming, cycling.

A step-platform solves the problem with such loads. This tool is like a high step – using it, you’ll be running up a long flight of stairs every workout. Exercise will become a little heavier, but you won’t have to go out for a jog.

Mini Stepper

A mini-stepper is a device on which you can practice walking in place, but with a little pressure for each step. Advertisements present them as an alternative to a real elliptical trainer, but they are not. In a mini-device, the load and possible intensity of movement is not enough to really get your muscles pumped.

If you have a sedentary job, use a stepper to keep your muscles active and toned throughout the day. For example, when it’s freezing, you’re often too lazy to leave the house and walk at least 6,000 steps. You can use the stepper to stretch in the evening and walk 10-15,000 steps while watching a movie.

Expander With a Ball

This equipment was made for those who are engaged in martial arts: you have to put a bandage with a ball on an elastic band on your head, hit the ball and dodge the blows. The harder the blow, the faster the ball will come back. You have to be careful and avoid hitting it in the eyes or nose.

There is no magic after training with such a ball: you are unlikely to learn how to fight and develop a perfect reaction. But this thing introduces new movements and adds cardio to the training process. It’s more interesting than just jumping on the spot or fighting with shadows.