Best Places for Vacation in Oregon

By  //  May 6, 2021

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Oregon, one of the largest states in the US, is an amazing example of the loveliness of America’s Pacific Northwest. Every year, many people visit Oregon to explore the diverse landscapes as well as numerous cultural venues.

Steep river gorges, thick lush forests, inspiring coastline, and high volcanic mountains are key highlights of Oregon.

To give visitors an amazing vacation experience, there are many awesome Oregon vacation rentals. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Oregon, check the following:


You definitely do not want to miss out on experiencing this beautiful town. Astoria, located Northwest of Oregon, is right at the mouth of the glorious Columbia River. Some of the highlights of this town are the waterfront, Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge, and the Twilight Creek Eagle’s Sanctuary. You can also explore the waterways; kayaks are available, High Life Adventures, cycling, swimming, wildlife, and hiking.


This city lies at the convergence of the Columbia River and the Willamette River. Its great climate favors the flourishing of roses hence offering some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Visitors all over the world visit the International Rose Test Garden every year to see the beauty. This isn’t all there is to Portland; Lan Su Chinese Garden, another popular garden in the city, has an amazing landscape, bridges, pavilions, etc. There are also over 300 miles of bike trails for cycling and a farmer’s market for outdoor shopping. There are amazing vacation rentals in Portland e.g. Waterfront Bicycle rentals.


This city is along the Deschutes River, east of Cascade Range. Whitewater rafting with Sun Country Tours is one of the best experiences you will enjoy in Bend. Canoeing on pristine mountain lakes is a perfect option for visitors who prefer a slower pace. Some of these tours end in a beer tasting event for participants. You can enjoy an amazing view of Oregon’s landscapes through the Airborne Outback Adventures.

Manzanita Beach

Manzanita is a beautiful, small town in Oregon, North Coast. The beach is one of the best beaches in the US. The combination of a beautiful landscape with amazing mountain views with a friendly community makes Manzanita beach an ideal vacation location for a business retreat, family trip, etc. Also, Manzanita rentals offer a wide range of services, including home and car rentals, to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable vacation experience. 

Coos Bay

This city is on the south-central Oregon coast, just at the mouth of the Coos River. Its Golden and Silver Falls State Park offers amazing scenery for taking a walk as well as enjoying a picnic. Wildlife observation and sea kayaking tours are also available to visitors. The fascinating tide pools with amazing wildlife on Simpson Beach are other details you shouldn’t miss.


The central Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful coasts there is; this is where the city of Newport is located. It has numerous scenic wonders, making it one of the best places for vacation in Oregon. Beaches, Lighthouses, and bridge are some of the highlights. It is a perfect location for kids who will get to see the amazing Oregon Coast Aquarium. Newport is ideal for beachcombing, offshore whales observation, exploration of tide pools, and kite flying.


This city is popular for its lush evergreen foliage, the reason for the name Emerald City. Located in West-central Oregon, at the confluence of the McKenzie River and the Willamette River. It features lovely parks with great cycling and walking trails. Rock climbers of different levels will find the unique basalt columns of the Skinner Butte Park very enticing. The city hosts great summer events and has great rentals.


This is the capital of Oregon. It is along the Willamette Valley, offering a great list of fun activities. It has Silver Falls State Park featuring the Trail of Ten Falls for hiking and you can ride through Riverfront Park. The Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge has diverse species of birds while the Enchanted Forest is a great place to take kids. Salem hosts great summer events and offers amazing rentals for visitors.


Have you heard of the amazing Rogue River? Medford is located close to it. This is a haven for lovely parks and green places. Guided tours are available to visitors and you can view the different examples of Oregon’s indigenous trees. You also get to taste some of the finest wines in the state.

Baker City

This city lies between the Wallowa Mountains and the Blue Mountains, northeast of Oregon. To get a great view of the countryside, the scenic Sumpter Valley Railroad is an excellent location. You can also go on a search for the elusive sasquatch in the Elkhorn Mountains.


Oregon is a beautiful state with amazing landscapes and cultural venues, making it a suitable place for a vacation at any time of the year. Some of the best places you should consider visiting are listed above.