How to Trade Your Gift Cards in 3 Easy Steps, With GiftCardsToNaira

By  //  July 28, 2021

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The best online gift certificate trading company in Nigeria on how to trade your gift cards in three simple steps.

There are few people alive who haven’t had to thank a relative for a gift card to a store that they really didn’t want. It might be that you never shop there, it might be that you don’t like their corporate ethics, or it might be that they gave you a gift card for a store you wouldn’t be caught dead in. Whatever the reason, some of us have a drawer full of old gift cards that we will likely never use. 

Enter GiftCardsToNaira, the online gift certificate trading firm who can turn those hard-won certificates back into the cash they came from. Nobody likes to think that they are cheating their relatives by exchanging gifts, but nobody wants to let them expire, either. In the end, most of us buy something we don’t even want.

What GiftCardsToNaira Do?

To help this worldwide unwanted gift card epidemic, GiftCardsToNaira launched an app in both the Apple and Google Play stores. This app allows users access to their online gift certificate trading platform. If you have received an unwanted gift card, you can go there and trade them in for some money to be spent as you see fit. 

Set up in 2017, this organization has helped many teens buy video games instead of clothing in the Ghana and Nigeria regions. With further expansion on the cards, the team is fully committed to bringing you the best cash offers for your gift cards. Currencies they currently trade in include Nigerian Naira, Bitcoin and Ethereum, paving the way for gift card trading that goes hand-in-hand with digital currency. 

But how do you go about interacting with this ergonomic gift card trading platform? We found out on your behalf, to make trading in your old cards as simple as 3 steps.

3 Steps to Trading in your old Gift Cards

So how do you get rid of those old cards? Here are the three steps you should follow.

1 – Register at GiftCardsToNaira

Create an account on their website and log in. This takes two minutes and requires minimum details. You can connect your bank account, your Bitcoin wallet, or your Ethereum wallet for payment. 

2 – Enter the details of your gift card

Once your account is set up, entering the details of your gift card will allow GiftCardsToNaira to quote you a price. Again, you will have the option of crypto or Naira to transfer to.

3 – Watch the money appear in your account

If you have entered the details of your gift card and have gone on to accept your quoted offer, the money will appear in your bank account or wallet in a matter of minutes. You should be able to spend it as soon as it arrives.

Want to know more?

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