Kodezi: How a High School Student From Florida Reinvented Learning to Code

By  //  August 10, 2021

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The high schooler and CEO of the site thought of the idea by looking at the poor attempts at teaching code. He planned and launched the predecessor of the soon-to-be-launched site, Kodezi. The Florida teen successfully launched TeachMeCode and is all set to launch the same concept with a fresh look and a new name.

Kodezi, a learning initiative by Ishraq khan, is launching on the 20th of this August. The site lets students upload videos explaining coding, and other students watch and benefit from it. “Kodezi: Coding made easy” aimed to start a free platform for the students and to explain coding in a way the students could comprehend.

On the other hand, the real world has fixated that coding is dull and tiresome, not fun and easy but that won’t be the case with Kodezi.

What is Kodezi?

Kodezi is an online platform aimed specifically at bridging the gap of knowledge amongst students and here is the story behind this revolutionary initiative.

The beginning

Founded by Ishraq Khan in 2019 when he was only 15 attending Seminole High School, it was a result of his own personal struggles to learn coding in terms of finding all-time accessible coding lessons.

According to him, it was a simple idea to come up with a single platform dedicated to coding only and provide peer to peer learning opportunities and with that concept in mind he introduced TeachMeCode, a prototype website created in high school. The website was a big hit among students as it instantly reached over 10,000 active users in its first month with thousands of hours worth of video being uploaded.

Within a year the user base group was so wide that the DigitalOcean Hosting server that Ishraq was using, went over its full capacity. Later he discontinued it due to studies. But the story doesn’t end here.

Plans for TeachMeCode 2.0

In late 2020 Ishraq started reworking on his website which eventually grew out to become Kodezi, an online platform for learning. This turned out to be an even bigger success as not only its older user base reestablished but new people also joined in masses.

The platform continues to peak even as of mid-2021 and the new users are still joining at an even more rapid pace. This is probably thanks to the core concept behind the site.

The core concept

Kodezi is a revolutionary peer to peer online learning platform which provides professional coding and programming lessons, tutorials and discussion which are led by students and experts with years of experience.

It is also a rewarding experience for the students and experts who provide these lessons as they get bonus points that can be redeemed for amazing prizes and gift cards etc.

The core concept behind creating this platform is that students learn better when they are discussing concepts among themselves as there is no hesitation and they have a friendly environment. This is turned into reality with new additions to the site.

What’s new?

The company is being launched on 20th of August and will be featuring a new design and look. New features will be added which allows users to ask questions and get instant responses from tutors the way users do in StackOverflow but the advantage of the direct resolution of the problem.

This will help students get a better learning experience than standard classroom teaching. Not only is this the greatest new feature soon to be implemented but they have created a brand-new alternative to open source learning, where users are able to upload their code to share to the rest of Kodezi’s user base whilst having access to their open source directory.

Anyone can paste their existing code and get recommendations and input via the site on what code to include next completely operated from their open source directory feature.

Furthermore, like any other initiative, Kodezi has set aims and objectives for the site. The staff are working day and night to not only achieve but also maintain their goals.

What are the objectives of Kodezi?

Kodezi has five primary objectives, which are as follows:-

1. To make learning fun

Kodezi strives to make the learning process of coding for students worldwide easy and fun. Unlike the conventional classrooms where coding has become tiresome and complex.

2. To bond, not to divide.

Secondly, Kodezi doesn’t believe in division. There is no difference among individuals. The purpose of teaching isn’t to divide the status of the teacher and the student. Instead, it is to form a bond that makes it easy and helps in grasping the concept.

3. To strive for excellence and not just mere success.

In today’s world, the definition of success is relatively narrow. The world believes in the students’ results neglecting the primary purpose of education: to learn something. Cramming can help someone attain success but not excellence in that particular subject. Likewise, coding isn’t about achieving marks but instead achieving excellence in it.

4. To make them learn not just memorize

To achieve genuine excellence, Kodezi aims to teach the students how to fish rather than to give them a fish in the first place. There is no point in memorizing something like coding; to learn how to code should be the goal.

5. Work for a better tomorrow.

Last but not the least, Kodezi believes in working for a better and greater future for all. By inculcating prime values like above, they picture a better world for future students.

Nonetheless, a sounder tomorrow and learning conditions are not formed in a day; it takes comprehensive planning, administration, adhering to a purpose, and a truckload of hard work to attain that. For that, any enterprise needs to set goals for the coming year, followed by the next decade and stick to them. Thus, short and long-term goals are essential if you are looking for excellent results.

What are Kodezi’s future prospects?

Kodezi also keeps its goals in mind and is aiming for a lot. For a company and with a high schooler as a founder and CEO, the future vision is just as important as the present. Hence, they have set up short and long-term objectives too.

Goals for the current year:

Due to the changing trends in the market, the company’s significant goal for this year is successfully launching the site this August. So the launching date is the 20th of august, and the staff at kodezi is working day and night and burning the midnight oil to get the website on air.

Secondly, the site will be introducing a new feature, where the students can get all their questions answered by experts in a matter of seconds. The innovative concept of students learning from other students is mind-blowing as it overcomes the barrier of reluctance, age, and qualifications.

Another goal of this year for the staff at Kodezi is to get its users back. The site had a fantastic start and thousands of active users; unfortunately, the region lost its user base due to the site being under construction for so long. Nonetheless, the founder and staff are working to turn these goals into reality very soon. At the same time keeping an eye on the long-term goals too.

Goals for the next five years:

Kodezi also keeps the bigger picture in mind and aims to become the biggest learning site out there. Like other fantastic peer-to-peer educational initiatives like course hero and khan academy. The founder believes that kodezi is the mix of the two. Although, Kodezi is starving for one ultimate goal: to improve the education sector for a better tomorrow for all.