Locksmith Logan Square Different Types of Door Locks

By  //  August 27, 2021

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Locksmith Logan Square experts can help tell the difference between a dead latch and a deadlock. With the help of M&N Locksmith Chicago experts, this article describes the different parts of a lock.

After detailing the different parts of a lock, this article will give homeowners information on how to choose a lock. Homeowners will be able to select the right lock, knowing all the qualities and features of each lock. 

Locksmith Logan Square Experts Describe The Different Parts Of A Door Lock

Locksmith Logan Square specialists understand the functionality of each part of the lock mechanism. It is the reason why M&N Locksmith Chicago specialists can successfully install a lock to function precisely. Every locksmith Logan Square area specialist understands that each part of the lock plays a role in keeping the home safe.  

Locksmith Logan Square experts advise that each one of these parts can be smaller or bigger, based on the size of the lock. The important thing to remember is that the functioning of the part will be the same, irrespective of its size. M&N Locksmith specialists advise that, in some cases, a smaller part means higher security. While in other cases, a larger size translates into higher security for the household. 

Locksmith Logan Square experts advise all users to be able to recognize the different parts of a lock. This information will come in handy if you ever need to replace a lock on any of your doors. 

1. Cylinder:

Locksmith Logan Square specialists advise that the key slides into the cylinder of a lock. The lock will only unlock if the key fits perfectly into the cylinder. Even if one of the teeth in the key is a little extra sanded than it should be, the cylinder will not turn. 

Locksmith Logan Square experts inform that there are several spring-loaded pins in a cylinder. These pins move up and down as they come into contact with a key. Locksmith Lincoln Park specialists advise that the pins in a cylinder align only when the right key is inserted. 

Locksmith Logan Square experts advise that once the pins in a cylinder align the cylinder rotates. As soon as the cylinder rotates, the lock becomes unlocked. If the cylinder of a lock gets damaged, it can be repaired or even replaced. According to our specialists, it is cheaper to buy a new lock than repair the cylinder of an old lock. 

2. Box & Strike Plate:

Locksmith Logan Square specialists recommend making sure your box and strike plate are installed by licensed professionals. Before we get into the different types of locks and handles, it is crucial to understand the function of a box plate and strike plate. A properly installed strike plate and box plate are necessary for any lock to function smoothly. 

Our experts advise that for a lock to function there has to be one side of the door that can connect to the wall. The lock of a cylinder is connected to one side of the frame on a door according to expert locksmith Logan Square specialists. The strike plate is on the moving side of the door which contains the lock. The box is on the doorframe connected to the wall. 

The box and strike plate face each other as the door is locked. A box and strike plate must be installed by an authorized locksmith Lincoln Park. Criminals can try to rip it apart which can make the entire lock futile. No locksmith Logan Square technician can help undo the damage if a box and strike plate gets ripped apart by criminals. 

Locksmith Logan Square specialists can inspect the box and strike plates to ensure that they are indestructible. Ask any of our experts to visit your premises. On their visit, they can inspect any strike plates which have not been installed by licensed locksmith Logan Square experts. 

3. Latches & Bolts

Locksmith Logan Square specialists inform us that a latch extends from the cylinder and goes into the box plate. According to our specialists, the latch holds the door shut against the wall. A spring latch can get sticky, ineffective, or broken from time to time due to the weather. Any local locksmith Logan Square specialist can help fix the problem. 

A deadbolt also works the same as a latch but according to most experts, a deadbolt is much more durable. The deadbolt is the piece of metal sticking out the side of the door and going securely into the wall. According to a locksmith Lincoln Park specialist, there are two types of bolts, the spring bolt, and the deadbolt. 

Both require a key to open. All your local locksmith Logan Square specialists will tell you that the deadbolt is the more secure option. Businesses often install deadbolts because they are the more durable and long-lasting option. 

Some businesses have a combination of both a spring latch and a deadbolt. These businesses know how to maintain employee hierarchy. The person with the key for the deadbolt is usually the one in control. Let’s look at the different types of door locks and the convenience they provide. 

Different Types of Door Locks & Their Convenience

1. Single-Cylinder Door Lock

A single-cylinder door lock has a keyhole on only one side of the lock. The other side of the lock has a revolving handle. This knob can be used to lock the door or keep it in an unlocked position. The keyhole is on the outside of the door. If the door is locked, it will not open from the outside without a key. 

2. Double Cylinder Lock

A double cylinder lock has a keyhole on both sides of the door. A double cylinder lock is crucial for rooms that you do not want to lock from the inside without a key. 

3. Spring Bolt Lock

A spring bolt lock will lock as the door closes. As the door closes the spring-loaded lock goes into the secure position. The key can open the door to enter. A spring bolt lock is one of the most common on hotel room doors. 

4. Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock does not lock automatically as the door shuts. A deadbolt lock needs to be locked to be in a secure position. The correct key is required to unlock the lock. Without the key, it can be very difficult to unlock a deadbolt lock. 

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