Rad 140 Review (2021) Does It Really Work? Here’s My Rad-140 Testolone Results

By  //  August 12, 2021

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When it comes to oversized bodies and superhuman strength, pro athletes and bodybuilders never settle on low from perfection.  Yes, the race to look and perform better from the other is one old battle that has not only cost the health, but the lives of many.

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Basically, the tendency to grow has always being limiting within our human capacity. Therefore, these sportsmen and mass gainers had been long resorting to dangerous and life-threatening steroids for assistance. Thankfully, the ‘trend’ to use anabolics for aesthetic and athletic purposes is gradually taking a dip. And we can’t help but thanks the introduction of some comparatively safer substances in the performance-enhancing drug market called SARMs. 

What is Rad 140?

SARMs stand for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators that can promote mass gaining and performing enhancing effects like steroids. But thankfully, they are nowhere closer to the negative image steroids are known to possess for their lethal side effects. 

Now one of the SARMs that popularly made its way to the top is RAD-140 also known as Testolone. Developed by a pharmaceutical company Radius Health, Inc, Testolone is a subtle, investigational SARM intended to prevent muscle wasting. However, it is in the developing stage with investigators foreseeing it as a potential treatment for ailments including breast cancer. 

Similar to the substances belonging to its category and unlike the conventional steroids, RAD-140 cautiously chooses the androgenic receptors. These are natural hormones found in the muscle tissues and bones and Testolone ensures to perform for each individually.

From the biological viewpoint, the body of a male produces more androgens, especially Testosterone than the body of a female. Called as the male hormones, these androgens aid in developing male traits while regulating the production of secondary reproductive organs. It is for this reason; higher levels of testosterone can be a game changer. Likewise, the low levels can be a definite blocking stone for bodybuilders and strength gainers keen to succeed. 

SARMs or RAD-140 emulates the performance of androgens with the ability to connect with their receptors. It is so powerful and efficient in the task that it can create quite convincing engorging and strength enhancement effects, which is one solid reason why the popularity graph of the SARM is facing towards the up. 

Essentially, RAD-140 promotes the following sure-fire benefits for you:

■ It encourages anabolic activities through aiming the androgen receptors. With an approach like this, it supports the growth, development, and strength of muscles

■ It elevates endogenous testosterone in the body. More testosterone for men equals to increased sex drive, virility, and better sleep

■ The SARM is admired for its ability to enhance muscle power and bone density

■ The substance also works to burn fats. It annihilates the accumulated body fats, which contributes to those stunning chiseling effects

■ Through augmented physical power, it gives a sense of motivation and knack to perform harder and longer in gym. It further paces recovery, making it quite effortless for the weight lifters to be regular with their trainings

■ It generates no aromatizing effects. Hence, it does not lead to gynecomastia and water retention

I■ t impedes the access of amyloid-beta to the brain cells and promotes their growth. This results in improving memory and other cognitive functions including your ability to learn

■ It impairs the making of ESRI that supports breast cancer


RAD-140 does not own androgenic powers, yet its effects are very much alike to steroids and hormones like testosterone. Owing to this, Testolone can largely cater mass and strength gainers looking for some serious anabolic effects, without much compromise on health. 

With the ability to produce similar effects like testosterone, RAD-140 improves and enhances the efficiency to synthesize proteins.

Essentially, the growth and development of muscles is a process largely dependent upon protein synthesis. As bodybuilders train and workout quite rigorously, they lose protein throughout. Not only that, they need efficient repairing of the damaged muscle fibers as the stepping stone to pack on muscles. 

Protein synthesis is a process that results in the making of protein needed to fix, repair and regrow muscle fibers. When the damages are timely mend, the muscles get on the path to undergo more workout pressure and consequently, enlarge. 


On a whole, RAD-140 is a much-admired substance with users claiming it to be highly effective. At large, people appreciate it for its multi-purpose nature and that is credited to its bulking, strength and cutting effects. 

In most cases, SARMs produce short-lived gains, which indicate that their effects fade away pretty much with time. But the case with RAD-140 is different. While its effects may not be as stronger as compared to the ones of others belonging to its category, these tend to be a lot more reliable and lasting. 

In addition to the growth in muscles, the substance also generates fat loss during and after for some weeks. Since you do not retain water through its use, the progression in muscles assists the burning of calories, indicating higher burning of fats. 

As per the users, the gains one can acquire through RAD-140 vary from 8-15 pounds every cycle. With an average 10lbs, some rare feedbacks also suggest an increase exceeding the 15lb bracket. Furthermore, these feedbacks also report a boost in strength. However, users that have not followed a post cycle therapy called the PCT through some quality product have testified losing a greater extent of the results as well. 


The SARM is in the pre-clinical stages and is yet to obtain an FDA approval. With this, it’s pretty much clear that the substance is not legally authorized for recreational purpose. However, people can purchase it for therapeutic or research intentions as it is registered as a ‘research chemical’ at present. 


While the intensity of side effects is not as extreme as anabolic steroids, any SARM, including RAD-140 is not exempted from side effects. Yes, it too can cause health-related complications and there is no evidence of it being friendly for your health. Thus, some known side effects of RAD-140 are:

■ The continuous use of RAD-140 can suppress the natural production of testosterone. As artificial substances get in the picture to elevate the levels of testosterones, the body no longer senses the need to develop its own

■ It can cause constant headaches, nausea and upset stomach

■ It can also lead to skin problems like marks, spots and discoloration 

■ Research suggests that Testolone can cause drug-induced hepatotoxicity 

■ It adds to the chances of heart attack and stroke


Considering the serious safety concerns encompassing the use of SARMs, it is always advisable to switch to the natural alternates. Yes, natural alternates of SARMs deliver remarkable bulking, cutting and strength enhancement effects akin to the actual SARMs. But bear no similarity with the adverse effects caused by the latter. 

Thankfully, Brutal Force is one great performance enhancement stop you can trust to get the natural alternate of any SARM, you choose to try. The products made and delivered by Brutal Force are:

■ 100% organic and legal

■ Absolutely safe and health-friendly

■ Extremely effective for your fitness-related goals

■ Produced in US through FDA approved ingredients

■ Testing and trials were conducted in GMP certified labs

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The natural alternate for Testolone, RAD-140 is RADBULK by Brutal Force. It is a recipe based on ingredients that boost the natural production of testosterone and metabolic activities to deliver:

■ Solid, dense muscles

■ Fat-free, chiseled muscles

■ Rock-breaking strength

■ Unstoppable vascularity 

■ Faster recovery for faster growth


The original and authentic formula of RAD-140 is available at the official website of Brutal Force

The purchasing does not involve the need to present a prescription. However, the manufacturers expect the buyers to be over 18 for a safer and more fulfilling experience with Brutal Force.