Semenoll Review: An Absolute Scam or Real Fertility Booster for Men

By  //  August 15, 2021

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Semenoll penetrated the male fertility market with the promise to be distinctive and functional for men suffering in silence. Despite being new, it smartly sealed its position, fueling the doubt of many willing to invest. Yes, its significance as a fertility booster is often weighed by the potential buyers who are yet to come up with a conclusion relating to its REAL worth. That is, is Semenoll the support they desperately seek or just another swindle aiming nothing but their hard-earned bugs!

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Men encounter way more problems with their fertility and sexual functioning than the problems we know of.  Sadly enough, these abnormalities aren’t restricted to a certain age, but can develop at any point, under any given circumstance. 

Now the issues with their fertility are completely different from the ones associated with sexual functioning. These encompass around poor production and unusual operation of semen and obstructions that affect the release of sperm. Conversely, problems with sexual functioning relates to the complexity progressing to the phases of sexual desire, stimulation, climax, and satisfaction. 

Essentially, the causes responsible for these disasters are also different. While these could be medical, psychological, or emotional, the aftermath is very much alike. 

 Yes, it is the toll on your relation! 

Semenoll is one solid bet for men in search of an absolute answer for low fertility. It is a fertility booster focusing the health, quality, and count of the spermatozoon to strengthen the chances of conceiving. Unlike the general treatment plans aiming similar problems, Semenoll is a fail-safe option that is 100% natural and clinically proven. With fertility-promoting herbs like Tribulus Terrestris and Maca Root supplemented with the might of zinc, the dietary supplement ensures reproductive well-being with improved sex drive, orgasmic power and satisfaction.  


Semenoll is a multi-purpose male enhancement targeting fertility-related problems through counterweighing the deficiency of zinc and dietary antioxidant. In addition to mending the biological factors responsible for deteriorating reproductive health, it equally works on the psychological ones. 

While the recipe pays a huge focus on upgrading fertility, it also works to enhance other areas of sex life. Yes, Semenoll is an ideal formula that also improves your sexual performance, ensuring pleasure and satisfaction like never before. 

The supplement brings double dose of Maca Root, a single of which is proven to boost sperm concentration by 20%. It also delivers results through zinc oxide, the deficiency of which is responsible for 50% of infertility in men. With tribulus terrestris, and adaptogen herbs like L-Lysine Hydrochlorid, Semenoll kicks up your libido and erectile functioning in no time.  

The clinically-proven recipe ensures zero side effects .Delivered in discreet packaging, the fertility booster is covered with 100 Days Money Back protection. 


■ It is a tried-and-tested fertility treatment plan by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited

■ It boosts fertility, protects sperms, and enhances sexual performance

■ It is highly result-yielding for men of all ages

■ It is a formula made from organic, medically tested ingredients

■ It further strengthens sex drive, erections, and orgasmic pleasure

■ It causes no side effects or complications 

■ It comes straight from an FDA approved, GMP certified lab

■ There are no shipping charges and there is 100 Days Money Back Guarantee

■ Orders delivered at your doorstep are absolutely discreet


■ It is not suitable for men with any serious medical condition 

■ It is not suggested for those under 18

■ Some buyers can find it pricey

■ It is not sold by any retailer or at least the original one. It can only be acquired through its official website

■ The intensity of results can vary, depending upon several factors

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According to the manufacturers of Semenoll, the supplement intends to create a natural and safe change in the body. Therefore, it does not interrupt the biological processes through its three potent effects that favor your reproductive powers while turning your good sexual experience into the best!

These effects are: 

■ Higher Testosterone for the boost in fertility: 

Testosterone is an androgen hormone that largely influences the way the reproductive system of men performs. From its health to its functioning, every bit is directly correlated with the amount of testosterone the body produces. Essentially, poor levels of the male hormone can result in impairing fertility, sex drive, and sperm count. So much so that experts suggest a direct connection between its deficiency and impotence. 

With a bunch of testosterone-promoting ingredients in hand, Semenoll encourage the growth of testosterone. The rapid and significant increase in the hormone encourages positive changes in the energy levels, making of sperm and fertility- all through a natural course

■ Powerful antioxidants to protect the sperm:

The ability to reproduce automatically decreases as the sperm surrounds danger in the face of oxidative stress. It basically harms the DNA of sperm, resulting in a considerable drop in the volume and amount of healthy sperms. Hence, countering oxidative stress is more like a need to keep the sperm active and productive. 

Semenoll does this job quite efficiently through supplying a powerful range of antioxidants to the body. These antioxidants combat hostile oxidative environments, allowing the sperm to turn more functional and high in count

  • Enhance blood circulation for improved erectile performance:

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that gradually brings an end to your pleasure. It softens your penile and often causes you to ejaculate faster than the usual time. ED occurs when the reproductive organs receive a scarce delivery of blood at the time of arousals. As a result, you get erections that aren’t as good as you need to spice things up. Health specialists blame abnormalities in sperm for the weakening of blood supply. Hence, they stress addressing the problem for the protection and strength you expect for your erections. 

Through a set of ingredients scientifically proven to enhance blood supply, Semenoll works to bolster your erections. Just when your erections feel healthy, your orgasmic pleasure plausibly reaches the sky heights!


Semenoll is best known to work for fertility-related dilemmas in men. It’s a formula, a recipe paramount for contributing to the semen count, health and quantity for increased chances of reproduction. However, it is a wide ranging substance that equally supports sexual performance and satisfaction affected due to the seminal abnormalities.  

Some sure-fire benefits of using Semenoll are:

  • Increased semen count
  • More seminal fluid
  • Healthy sperm for increased fertility
  • Escalated sex drive
  • Solid and longer erections
  1. Intense sexual pleasure and orgasmic length
  2. An overall upgrade in satisfaction level


The dietary formula is an amalgamation of natural herbs and antioxidants that are 100% friendly to your health. These are:

  • Maca Root:

By far, no other supplement offers the amount of Maca Root introduced by Semenoll. And this is because the manufacturers believe in the fertility boosting powers of Maca that are also proven by research. As per it, the 1750 mg of the cruciferous vegetable can boost semen volume by 9% after a 3months use. Not only that, it can grow sperm concentration by 20% and healthy sperms in the semen by 21%. This indicates the level of Semenoll efficacy, considering the fact that it contains 3000 mg of Maca Root extract

  • Zinc oxide:

The deficiency of this mineral can cause infertility in men. In fact, it adds to the 50% of the cases based on a similar concern. Yes, zinc is that crucial element for your reproductive health. It basically works as a potent antioxidant that can guard the sperm against harmful oxidative stress and its dangers. With that in action, the sperm can survive well and hence, can fertilize thereafter. Zinc can further improve motility, volume, and quality of sperm in addition to improving your testosterone levels that favor your erections and satisfaction

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: 

Similar to Maca and Zinc, this too, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine also carries weight for men having difficulties in impregnating their partner. Specifically, research has found it quite convincing in rising sperm count and viable sperms. In addition to contributing to fertility, researchers claim it to be highly effective in increasing testosterones 

  • Pumpkin Seed:

It works as an adaptogen along with supplying a healthy fusion of magnesium, zinc and antioxidants to your body. While these are highly effective in improving reproductive system all alone, they protect sperm against the potential damage when together. Besides, pumpkin seed is a great source to enhance sex drive as well

  • Tribulus Terrestris: 

The herb holds great importance for men willing to go a natural route for their low sex hormone. Semenoll supplies a rich 3,690 mg dosage of Tribulus Terrestris- almost double the amount delivered by other supplements-to your body.  Research suggests that the plant extract stirs a major growth in testosterone. Testosterone supports fertility, sex drive, erection and what not

  • Muira Puama: 

The potency wood works as a nerve stimulant, which indicates that it can enhance your receptive powers to sexual stimuli. This adds to your overall satisfaction and the ability to get, stronger and lengthier orgasms. Muira Puama also supports libido and stronger erections along with reproductive function. With its added bonus to activate receptors for sex hormones, it becomes more like a need under the sheets 


Men that are keen to start a family and have not had any luck this far must give Semenoll a definite shot. This is a non-invasive, budget-friendly fertility treatment that restores your masculine power and allows you to give your best shot. In addition to that, men with low libido and poor performance must also consider the course. Overall, it is a product promising for any guy willing to upgrade the bedroom fun or wishing to take the next step!


Semenoll is free from any ingredient, additive or filler that can trigger a negative reaction. From its ingredients to their concentrations, everything is kept transparent for the users to judge its safety. However, any supplement can safely yield results until proper dosages are followed by the users. And so, Semenoll is no exception. 

Therefore, overdosing and underdosing is strictly discouraged!


There are few principles that you need to follow for the supplement to deliver optimal results. For example:

  • A single bottle of Semenoll houses 90 pills in total. The daily dosage set for the dietary supplement is 3 pills a day
  • Ingest the pill with water and avoid incorporating the dosage in some food or any kind of drink
  • It is not suitable for anyone under 18. Besides, it should not be taken by women or people with serious medical conditions
  • A healthy lifestyle, including a good diet should be followed. Toss some testosterone boosting foods in your diet like tuna, beans, beef, and egg yolks
  • Do not overdose as a strategy to expedite or double your results. This will only bring you disappointment and some uninvited complications


Right now, the only place where you can get the authentic recipe of Semenoll is its official website. No other platforms, including the popular retailers have the access or right to sell the product locally. 

As it is an OTC fertility treatment that has been proven safe through meticulous testing, you can obtain it without a prescription. So feel free to order if you are over 18 or enthusiastic enough to restore your spark. 

Now in comparison with other fertility boosters available in the online and physical markets, Semenoll is comparatively pocket-friendly, despite the value and quality ingredients it offers. Yet, there is a chance that some buyers will find it dear. For users like these, we suggest the package offering more supplies but bigger discounts. Yes, the more you move towards a bulk purchase, the more you entitle yourself for greater discounts. For example:

1. Buy 1 Semenoll Bottle for $59.95. This is 30 Days supply that comes with Free Shipping

2. Buy 2 Semenoll Bottles for $119.95 and get 1 Bottle Free. This is 60 Days Supply that comes with Free Shipping

3. Buy 3 Semenoll Bottles for $179.95 and get 2 Bottles Free. This is 90 Days Supply that comes with Free shipping


Most of the fertility boosters come with no refund policy at all. Those who come with a refund policy are either supported by 30 Days Guarantee or 60 Days max. However, the case with Semenoll is completely opposite. The fertility booster is protected by 100 Days Money Back Guarantee that connotes the confidence of its producers. 

This refund policy is meant for every package and the company promises to entertain the refund procedure during this 100 Days timeline. However, if Semenoll is purchased through a third party and not its official website, the company will not accommodate any refund claim. 


You must definitely invest in a quality fertility treatment if things are not working for you. And Semenoll is one great example for the support you seek discreetly. It is natural and very much proven to improve sexual wellbeing. 


Q1How quickly does it work?

There is no exact time when the supplement is expected to kick in. But yes, users begin to notice performance-related changes in the first few weeks. If you are using Semenoll to conceive a baby, we expect you to be a bit more patient and continue the 3 months course to form a conclusion.  

Q2- How many pills should I take a day?

Take no more than 3 pills a day that is the suggested dose of Semenoll. Overdosing can cause harm, hence, avoid. 

Q3- Is there any additive or artificial ingredient in the formula?

Absolutely not! Semenoll is a pure composition of natural ingredients aimed to help and not complicate things up! Hence, you can feel free to use and suggest your friends dealing with similar problems

Q4- Do I need a prescription for order?

No, you do not need to have your doctor’s approval in the form of prescription to buy Semenroll. You can order it anyway for problems affecting your peace of mind and making a dent in your relationship

Q5- Can I take Semenoll with my medicines?

If you have any underlying medical ailment that is serious in nature, you must not think of any fertility booster. If you’ve had a word with your doctor and he/she is okay with the use, discuss the risks of drug interaction. A health care professional sits in a better position to decide the odds and pass a verdict prioritizing your general health