Why Landlords Need To Prepare Their Properties For New Tenants Now

By  //  September 28, 2021

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25.7% of households in Brevard County are rented, according to Town Charts. This means Brevard County has the second smallest rental population in the local area. However, this could soon change. Properties in Brevard County are selling fast.

This is pushing prices up and forcing people away from home ownership. As a result, landlords must act quickly to get their properties ready for the wave of tenants coming their way.

Spruce up the place

The median gross rent in Brevard County is $1,068 per month. For this amount of money, renters expect a property that’s pleasant to live in and has been well looked after. When preparing for a new tenant, landlords should give the walls of their property a fresh coat of paint.

Woodwork should be washed down, the stove should be thoroughly cleaned, and carpets should be deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. Walls should be given a once over too and cracks or holes in the walls should be fixed before anyone moves in.

Check appliances

Many landlords include appliances in their rental agreement. This means they provide white goods such as a dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator to their renters. It’s important that these items are maintained by landlords, so they should arrange regular inspections between tenants.

When a fault with a household item is noted, landlords must have the appliance inspected by a qualified technician. In many cases, they’ll be able to repair the item. However, if the appliance is getting to the end of it’s lifespan, which is between nine and 15 years for a refrigerator and nine years for a dishwasher, a new one may be needed.

Change the locks

Often, tenants will get copies of their house keys cut without seeking permission from the landlord. This means the landlord won’t ever be sure who has keys to their property or how many keys there are lurking around. Legally, landlords don’t have to change the locks.

But, to ensure new tenants are safe and happy in their new home and for security purposes, landlords should change the locks of their property every time there is a new tenant.  

It’s likely that more people in Brevard County are going to seek out a rental home in the coming months. Landlords should therefore start preparing for this surge in demand and start making improvements to their properties now.