City of the Future: Myths and Truths About Dubai – Guide to the World’s Most Progressive Metropolis With Attractive Property

By  //  October 12, 2021

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City of the future: myths and truths about Dubai – guide to the world’s most progressive metropolis with attractive property (Part 1)

Dubai is not just a city. Dubai is a brand, a legend, one of the most incredible metropolitan areas in the world. The largest city in the UAE and the center of the eponymous Emirate, Dubai literally grew in the middle of the desert about 20 years ago.

The “City of Records” is amazing – it is here that the tallest building in the world, the most expensive hotel in the world, the largest shopping center, a hotel with underwater rooms, deep tunnels, a huge artificial island and much more are built. Dubai has become a symbol of all the most progressive and luxurious of all Muslim countries, the Emirates are considered the most convenient for expats.

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Myths and truths about Dubai 

Dubai does not have a rich historical heritage and features of the past, except for the National Museum (Dubai Museum), which showcases the life of the city in the period before the discovery of oil here. Precisely because there is no history spirit in the city, many criticize it for its sterility and lack of a special atmosphere.

However, Dubai lovers see its special spirit in its futuristic appearance – such cities of the future should also be on the planet, and they are a demonstration of the man greatness who built a huge metropolis in the middle of the desert with skyscrapers, parks, artificial gardens and canals. There is its special energy and character.

Dubai has become an urban paradise that does not cause rejection. It is very convenient and comfortable to live here. For every disadvantage that turns into a stable myth by the efforts of ordinary people, there is an obvious advantage here.

For example, myth number 1: alcohol is prohibited in Dubai. It is not like that at all. Alcohol is completely banned only in the Emirate of Sharjah, while in Dubai you can easily order alcohol in restaurants, nightclubs or at your hotel. But there is a nuance.

Alcohol is not sold in supermarkets and those cafes and restaurants that are not located in hotels. The thing is that only hotels have licenses for alcohol, and therefore all the main restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs are located there. This is quite convenient – instead of giving the taxi driver the address or the name of the restaurant, you can simply name the hotel you want.

However, for city residents the situation is somewhat different than for tourists. To buy alcohol in Dubai, an alcohol license card is required, which can only be obtained by residents of the country. Officially, you cannot store and consume alcohol at home in Dubai unless you are a license holder.

The second myth is that it is unbearably hot in Dubai. Yes, from May to September the thermometer rarely drops below 45. However, it is the same as in Egypt, Israel and other countries of the region. In the summer there is no influx of tourists, and the locals prefer to take vacations in summer and leave the country.

However, there are practically no unconditioned premises in Dubai – even taxis, metro and street stops have air conditioning. If you live in Dubai, electricity bills, of course, come in considerable amount, but you will feel discomfort only if you spend time on the street – however, the infrastructure of the city and all communications allow you to avoid this: every residential building has an underground parking lot from where you are you will reach your destination by car.

Of course, we are not talking about some of the neighborhoods in Deira where migrants live – neighborhoods for visiting workers are different from those for expats, locals and tourists. An important point: we are only talking about the summer months plus May and September.

The rest of the time in Dubai, the weather is very comfortable, and in winter there is even a risk of freezing a little in the evening, so you will definitely need a jacket, and jeans in January. 

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