Different Ways of Writing an Academic Blog Post

By  //  October 20, 2021

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Do you know or understand the various ways of writing a blog post? Blogs are ways of reaching out to different people who need to know about a certain message concerning a particular topic. Blogs are found in different types and styles because most of the bloggers are specific to a particular niche.

The different forms of blogs are useful for people in particular fields including sports, politics, health and nutrition among various fields. There are different famous bloggers who are popular and write concerning various issues affecting human beings or the latest developing issue and I would have to carry out proper research as I do my dissertation.

Academic blogging helps the students to understand various forms of academic issues. The students or learners are able to encounter different forms of problems that they may be facing. Some of the advantages of academic blogging include: provision of an opportunity of testing a particular concept, style of presentation or idea, and your research reaches a wider coverage and the general public.

People get to understand about your latest article or research and you get a chance to improve on your communication skills and the way in which you present your work through your academic blog post. 

A brief post enhances the readability of your work and your research will be more sharable through twitter or Facebook. Some of the challenges facing blogging include the aspect of time-consuming for the people who set up and run their blogs. For a starter, you may need to pitch your work to a well-established blogger before taking the blogging by yourself. 

Examples of academic blog

Cognitive Behavior Therapy– it is a type of academic blog who publish in the journal write a blog post that goes with their article. 

The Thesis Whisperer– it is an academic blog which covers all research support topics edited by Inger Mewburn. The blogger does all the work from giving advice on ways of writing, presentation and publication. 

Patter- the blog offers support on academic writing and research which is edited by Professor Thomson Pat. 

Different formats of structuring your academic blog

There is no specific ways or structure of writing an academic blog. You may choose to be creative and use a specific and creative style of writing an academic blog. Make sure you write an article with a proper structure and where ideas flow. There are different ideas to consider when establishing the idea of finding the right structure of your academic blog:

Properly organize your point in order from the most important to the least important. You need to capture the attention of your readers at the beginning of your blog post. 

You need to captivate your audience by using videos, images, links and different multimedia to help the reader to understand your content. 

You also need to use short paragraphs heading and bullet lists to separate your ideas. The short paragraphs help the reader to understand the content or message that you passing across. 

Top ideas of writing academic blog post

There are different steps that we need to follow when writing academic blog posts. Some tips include; 

Picking your topic and setting your aims 

You need to be specific and clear on the reasons and topic that you would like to write about. Some of the ideas that you may feel like covering include a summary of what you learnt in a conference or an article which you published. 

Choosing the right platform

After determining the right topic that you wish to write about, you choose the best platform that meets your target. 


You need to have an appealing title, understand your audience and be concise. When you make your work more visual, you will draw many audiences. The best dissertation help in UK will help you write your blog in the right manner.