Beauty In Details: How To Make Food Blog Popular

By  //  November 22, 2021

Even though the popularity of various blogging platforms has fallen somewhat with the development of social networks, today, more and more blogs appear every day, and a significant part of them is devoted to cooking. Are you also interested in this topic? And so you wonder how to make a food blog or YouTube channel popular? Then this collection of tips will tell you how to become a successful food blogger.

At the dawn of blogging, writing about everything was ok. But today, every novice blogger knows that for success, you need to focus on one topic.

Cooking is just a great niche for blogging, especially if cooking is already your hobby: you can open a blog or channel on any platform you like and start sharing your culinary masterpieces with the Internet audience.

However, do not expect that users will start subscribing to you from the very first post, and you will be able to earn on a culinary blog, if not thousands, then hundreds for sure. As with any other blogging topic, there are a lot of pitfalls here. Consider, for example, the following points.

Recipe Templates

Photos of the food itself are not the only way to attract an audience. Specially designed Recipe Templates can become the stock-in-trade of your blog or YouTube channel.

Popular options, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern food site — the ability to add content by users, interactive actions with recipe cards — it is all about Recipe Templates For Google Docs and Word. Open for free the variety of options — every foodie enthusiast will find a project-specific cooking recipe template.

They work for:

Blogs and channels with all kinds of recipes — soups, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, and so on.

Baker’s recipes — delicious cakes, cupcakes, pies, and even bread.

Healthy eating blogs — budget-friendly, vegan and kid-friendly recipes.

Beautiful food pictures

Even if the dish is extremely tasty, your readers will only have to take your word for it if you do not provide them with mouth-watering photos. Therefore, you will need not only to shoot the cooking process on your smartphone camera but to arrange a real photo session. Accordingly, you will need a more or less “decent” camera and knowledge of at least the basics of food photography.

Culinary skills

Even if preparing food seems like an easy task, making a dish tasty and beautiful can be difficult, especially if the recipe is new. And therefore, you need some culinary skills to go beyond the usual homemade dishes and show the readers/subscribers of the blog something extraordinary.

The required skills will have to be developed independently or through cooking courses.

Kitchen equipment

To become a popular food blogger, you need to update your blog with fresh posts. To do this, you need to regularly cook something. Respectively, you need equipment and a variety of kitchen utensils. Of course, you will have to buy everything you need yourself.

Products, consumables

Buying food and supplies to prepare your masterpieces is a regular item of expenditure for any culinary blogger. And, if following generally accepted recommendations, you publish posts on your blog at least a couple of times a week, then these costs turn out to be rather big.

In addition, you will always need to think over your cooking plan and make purchases in advance, so that you do not disrupt the process because you are out of flour or eggs.

Decide on your target audience

The better you can imagine who your potential readers or subscribers are, the better your chances of making your food blog popular. The bulk of food blogs are, of course, focused on housewives. But there are also blogs whose target audience is, for example, students, bachelors, teenagers, business women, mothers of young children, etc. Think about who could be interested in your culinary blog.

Choose the right blog topic

There are many ways to blog about food and cooking. Someone chooses the topic of everyday dishes, others focus on dishes of a particular cuisine, and someone blogs only about soups or, say, only about cupcakes. Choose exactly “your” topic, try to find an unoccupied or at least a minimally occupied niche.

Give zest to your food blog

This advice is closely related to the previous one: after choosing a suitable topic, think about what could become your thing. By the way, there is plenty of room for creativity here. For example, some food bloggers maintain unique blog columns dedicated to culinary life hacks and anecdotes. Other bloggers invent their signature character, cook unusually, in an outstanding kitchen, etc.

Consider blogging development

When starting a food blog, be prepared that you will have to spend time and effort posting. You will also need to develop it — attract a readership, promote in search engines and social networks, attract advertisers, etc.

As you can see, food blogging is mostly about beauty and design in every detail — after finding your niche and style, you need to keep attracting people. And here, you can use everything you can — breathtaking photos, eye-catching recipe templates, and beautiful kitchen aid.

Your goal is to make the world a little bit tastier and bring beauty to everyday routine — it is a good purpose, so cook beautifully and surprise your subscribers.