Eric Dalius Explains How You Can Get Started With Trading Business if You Have no Experience in This Field

By  //  November 18, 2021

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Many people find themselves in a situation where they want to start a trading business but have no idea how to get started. When you trade your own money and time, no ‘boss’ would tell you what and when to do next. As such, it can be challenging to know what the first steps should be.

In this article, Eric Dalius will try to advise on overcoming this issue by giving some tips on how to get started with the trading business.

First of all, why should I even trade? Why not save up money and enjoy life later? Aren’t we obliged to work for 40+ years before we can enjoy life? To answer these questions, we need to go back in time: Before the industrial revolution, people worked about 11 hours a week and spent most of their free time on leisure activities and trades.

The biggest countries and cities were small because there was no transportation infrastructure. 

People lived in the same village or town for centuries – everyone knew everyone – so they had close connections with other people in the area. As technology advanced, people were able to work more in less time, but society changed rapidly after the Industrial Revolution.

Before this happened, you could do whatever job you wanted without competition from millions of other people trying to do the same thing. But if you’re going to be an actor nowadays, then millions are already trying to achieve that goal every day.

It is hard even just being noticed by someone powerful enough that would give you your big chance. It is the same case with the trading business. As soon as you have set up your company, you are no longer an individual – now you are a corporation that has to compete for its existence against others just like you, says Eric Dalius

Not only that, but this competition is much bigger than it used to be. When trading business was not popular among the masses, there were few people to compete with. There were few companies out there, and they were often focused on their small geographical area. This meant that if you wanted to trade in some specific product (e.g., coffee), there might be one major company selling it where you live, but now everything has changed.

Everything is around the corner now: You can buy something in your local store manufactured on another side of the world. Technology, globalization, and the economy have changed our lives. It used to be like the game “Monopoly”: The game had rules, pieces (houses/hotels), and goals (to reach $1000000 first). But what if I take all those pieces away? The rules are gone too – now you can do anything you want! As such, every player has their way of playing this game.

Every time they start a new game, it will be different than before. This is similar to trading business: You can set up your company anywhere in the world; there are no borders anymore. There are no major companies where you live which would serve your needs. Everyone is in the same situation, and everyone has to compete against everyone else. It is like playing a chess game where all pieces are moved randomly. This game is up to you.

You might think that it would be impossible to succeed if this was true, but look at how many companies there are now. There are so many of them because so many people want to trade their own money and time! And just as with competition, success can come from anywhere, too: You do not need colossal capital or connections with influential people that could help you get started quickly.

If you have any skill (e.g., programming), you can use it to create your future trading business career, says Eric Dalius. No matter how old you are, what nationality you have, or where you live, it can be done. The trading business is not for everyone, but if this sounds interesting, then it probably is for you.

If I am 100% sure that the trading business is something for me, what should I do next? 

There are many books out there written by experienced traders who tell their stories of success and failure. Reading these stories might help find your philosophy about the trading business, but learning from others’ experiences does not always mean that they will work in your case!

Every person has their way of achieving success; the only thing common among all successful traders is discipline (they stick to their trading plans).

You need two things to succeed in the trading business: A plan and discipline. So, take a deep breath and start working on your trading business plan! Everything else will come from you.

All the motivation you might need, all the knowledge you can gain, anything can be found if you go looking for it! Trading is not easy, but remember one thing: It is much easier when your goal is to “survive” rather than have some significant financial gains.