Interview With Fashion Model and Artist Radmila Lolly 

By  //  November 23, 2021

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1. Hello Radmila! How’s life going? 

I’m doing well, thank you for asking.

2. With all the busy life you have, how do you maintain yourself with glory? 

I believe in the daily routines, and in planning. I plan 3 months ahead, of course I adjust as the times goes, sometimes we can’t completely plan our lives, but it does help to have a plan and a schedule in place, so it keeps me focused.

3. You are doing design. What made you passionate about fashion? 

Music is my main muse. Fashion has the same characteristic as a music composition, such as: colors, textures volumes, etc… so it came easily to me and I love the medium as well.

4. Going to your music side. Your voice is magical and that’s what we all agree on. Can you share the secret behind it? 

Thank you for the compliment. I truly believe we all have nice voices, it’s about how much time we put into practice, and what kind of lifestyle we choose. For example, if the person doesn’t get enough sleep and drinks a lot of alcohol, the voice will never be in good shape.

5. What was your favorite performance? 

As the producer and performer, it’s hard to judge. Because as a performer I always focus on what did not go right in the production, and it’s my job to eliminate flaws. I guess as I grew in my career, I got more satisfied with the productions.  Experience is a key in every career.

6. We heard you’re writing a new book ‘DIVA’? Can you tell us what is it about? 

My upcoming album is a self-composed 27-movement programmatic work, which corresponds to the novel that I’m also writing, both by the name “DIVA”. This project has been in the works since I first started the novel seven years ago. Since I began the book, I had always wanted an album to go along with it, but at the time I did not compose at all; I had always assumed someone else would be composing it.

Since then, my musical journey has brought me to composing, and now I can tell the story of her novel in yet another artistic medium. There will also be a corresponding audiobook, and of course a couture line to accompany the album and the novel. The story will also be represented in a short film, also named “DIVA”.

7. We have seen you in music, designing, and writing. What should we expect next from Radmila? 

My own residency show “WONDERLAND” starting on February 12 in Miami.

8. Do you wish to collaborate with someone in the industry in the future? 

Yes, with idols such as: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Celine Dion, Meryl Streep, and Anthony Hopkins.

9. Can your fans contact you through social media? On which social media platform are you most active? 

Yes, @radmilalolly.