4 Travel Hacks Everyone Has to Know

By  //  December 3, 2021

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Sometimes it’s easy to tell who’s an experienced commuter and who is just a travel rookie by looking at their demeanor in the airport. Those who feel comfortable and at ease while walking through the terminal most likely know a few things that their uptight counterparts don’t.

Let’s check out these four travel hacks that will help make your next trip cheaper and more enjoyable.

1. Drive Yourself to the Airport

Historically, people took cabs or Ubers to the airport because it was the most cost-effective way. That’s no longer the case. Now, you can find cheap Toronto airport parking and at many airports across North America by utilizing parking lots beside the airport. 

Simply book your reservation online and show it to the attendant upon arrival. Then, board the free shuttle bus to your terminal. Some platforms even offer reward points, making this inexpensive mode of travel even more affordable.

Enjoy the familiarity of your own vehicle and take command of your schedule rather than wait for a driver to appear.

2. Dress Smartly and Comfortably

Today’s travel clothes are marvels of design and technology! There’s no need to choose between clothes that look great and those that are functional and comfortable enough for a long flight.

If you need to hit the town or rush to a meeting upon landing, wear sweat-wicking clothes that stretch yet hold their shape. Your clothes won’t get wrinkled, and they’ll smell fresh. Such clothes can be both extremely fashionable and comfortable.

Some lines even have “commuter” clothes with special features, such as discreet passport pockets in the back of your pants and zippers to securely stow valuables kept in other pockets. 

3. Pack Strategically

Are you sure you need all that luggage? If you can manage to cram all you’ll need into your carry-on bags, you can skip fees associated with checking in luggage.

The airline won’t have an opportunity to accidentally misplace your luggage and send it elsewhere if it stays with you on the plane. Nor will you have to wait for your bags to appear at the luggage carousel — you can grab your bags off the plane and beat the line for the taxis into town.

If you plan to only bring carry-on bags, don’t accidentally forget to leave any prohibited items at home, or they can be confiscated.

4. Bring Everything You Need from Home

Bringing your own entertainment and food is a great way to save money while ensuring you have exactly what you want for the journey. Pack some favorite snacks or an easy-to-eat meal that doesn’t contain common allergens to control for portion size and nutrition, and flavor levels.

Airports usually have a bookstore, but they usually only stock bestsellers, which often cost a pretty penny. Bring your own reading material or movies to binge aboard the plane.

Perhaps you’re rusty when it comes to traveling after taking a COVID-19-imposed hiatus. Keep the above tips in mind, and your next trip will be smoother and cheaper.

5. Book Your Hotel in Advance

Did you ever ask yourself this: How to book a hotel without spending a fortune? Most of us want to have the best possible experience and accommodation for as little money as possible. When you book a hotel in advance, you are doing yourself a huge favor. You can find a really nice apartment for a nice price per night and you will cut yourself the stress that comes with choosing last-minute hotels.

With this kind of approach, you will have more time to organize your trip and other things that you want to try rather than picking the cheapest room two days before your adventure. Saving money on hotels and transportation gives you the flexibility to explore the soul of the city you are visiting!