5 Creative Couples Activities to do Together

By  //  December 2, 2021

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Looking to spice up date night with a little creativity? Need some inspiration on something new you can do together as a couple? 

Well, it’s time to up the ante with these 5 couples activities. They’re the perfect ideas for creative types who either like to get their hands dirty or express themselves through art and imagination. Romance often flies in the most unexpected ways! 

So cancel that same old dinner reservation you’ve booked. And don’t even think about seeing that boring movie. It’s time to make some new kinds of memories.

1. Get Messy With Painting 

How about getting messy with a spot of couples painting? If you’re both amateur painters who’ve never finished a painting before, a paint by numbers set is a good place to start. All you need is a little enthusiasm! A custom kit made from a photo can make a great anniversary gift too. So paintbrushes at the ready, lovers! It’s time to put on your aprons and let your love flow onto the canvas. 

2. Have Board Game Fun on a Game Night

Dinner and drinks out in town is a perfectly fine idea for date night. But you know what’s even more exciting? A game night in! Choose all your favorite board games (Mr and Mrs is a must!) and prepare for a night of healthy competition. Who will rise to the top? A buffet of tasty snacks and a flow of drinks is a must too. What more could you want?

3. Scrapbook Your Dating History

Creative types are usually the sentimental types too, right? Well, if you are a couple who appreciate a spot of schmaltzy nostalgia, creating your own scrapbook is the perfect activity to complete together. Print out your cutest couples photos and get yourself down to a local arts and crafts store to buy scrapbook materials, including card and paper, adhesive, and lots of fancy decorative embellishments. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a book of your most cherished memories to look back on.

4. Get Boozy With Mixology 

Couples that drink together stay together! So why not get creative by trying your hand at mixology. There’s truly a science to perfecting mixology, so never underestimate how much skill goes into creating your own tasty cocktail recipe.

All you need to do is invest in a bunch of mixology essentials (cocktail shaker, glasses) and a variety of tasty mixers and juices. Then you’ve got yourself a party for two!

5. Get Seductive with a Blind Taste Test

If you’re both keen cooks, why not have some fun with a blind taste test? Take turns in the kitchen whipping up a few tasty treats (some not so tasty if you’re feeling evil!) and then blindfold one another to see if they guess the item. We suggest adding in a few aphrodisiac foods (chocolate, oysters, asparagus) to really heat up the evening. A bottle of champagne is a must too!