Fitness Inspiration Marie BustinMoves Shows Us How It’s Done

By  //  December 8, 2021

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An article published in the Guardian told the story of a “slightly above 30” year old who hated exercise, so much so that she went as far as saying that exercise hated her back and that her body seemed to reject the task altogether. That was until she discovered exciting and “weird” ways to keep active that did not involve hopping onto a treadmill or getting herself to a gym.

It was only after discovering an unknown joy for trying to escape zombies ( in a virtual reality world, of course) that she found a way to stay active and enthusiastic about getting fit.

For Marie BustinMoves, she did not need to run away from zombies. Instead, she chased her dreams and took to dancing to shake off those lazybones and keep fit. Marie, who is also “slightly above 30,” is a grandmother that is proving to the world that you are never too old to try something new. 

Meet fitness Mom and Tik Tok sensation: Marie BustinMoves

Verun Marie Moring, as Mrs BustinMoves was known before she became a TikTok, hip hop, viral dancing sensation is definity not your average grandma, hailing from Southern Georgia  this mum of 7 has always been shaking it and making it.

Even before her international success Marie was an accountant and successful financial author with her own dance studio that she opened in 2009. However, due to the devastating impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns, Marie was forced to close the doors to her studio. 

However, when one door closed, another whole new world opened up for this finance guru Mom, Tiktok allowed her to showcase her choreography to an entire new audience, so much so that after just 3 videos, Marie BustinMoves had become a TikTok viral sensation.

Recognized for her funky hip hop flare and contagiously electric personality, Marie had unknowingly inspired the TikTok community to do their happy dances as well. With over 50 million views and counting, there’s no stopping Marie’s groove.

Since then, Marie has evolved her once brick and mortar studio into a viral and virtual dance studio called “A Time to Dance Studio,” a popular internationally famed dance company that has inspired customers and fans from all parts of the world. She has also successfully hosted a national dance competition in Las Vegas.

The competition involved ten teams from around the united states who competed in an old-school dance competition, with the winners taking home a $10,000 cash prize. The competition, set to be an annual event, is Marie’s way of giving back to the community that she says “saved her life.”

Marie’s videos have brought hope and smiles when life is so full of uncertainties, and she emphasizes positivity during a global pandemic because, with the opportunity that she has been given, she finds it her duty to bring happiness in times of crisis.

At 45, Marie is giving the kids a run for their pocket money as she choreographs dance moves and posts them on her TikTok page @themoringbunch, where you will find not just fun-loving Marie but that the entire Moring family are also getting down and busting moves.

Many celebrities have also recognized the social media dance influencer, notably featured by Oscar award-winning actress Viola Davis and U.S. actress and Red Table Talk Show host Jada Pinkett Smith.

Final Thoughts

Marie Bustin’s moves are a fitness inspiration to millions of people across the globe. With her funky choreography and spunky personality, she encourages people to get their bodies moving and grooving to the beat of old school jams with a new age twist.

Marie will soon be releasing her next book titled “Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and Households.” The book is an easy as 123 guide to organizing and growing your finances and gaining a new money mindset.

Plans are also underway to organise the 2nd Annual National Old School Dance Competition which is projected to be held in the Summer of 2022.Marie has loads of other exciting ventures planned for the future and there is definity no stopping this cool Mom.