How Strong is a Katana Sword?

By  //  December 8, 2021

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Do you wonder how strong katana swords are and why they are still talked about in high praise? In this article, you will learn about the importance and origin of the katana sword, which makes it highly valuable even to this day.

Origin of katana sword

When it comes to the history of katana swords, it can be well-dated back to the period of Sasuga. The production of this sword came into the picture of history during the Nanboku Cho period or more commonly known as the Muromachi period in Japanese history. Before katana swords, Tachi was the main sword used by soldiers on the battlefield, but as the Onin War in the 15th century grew bigger, the use of the katana sword became more common.

One of the reasons why the katana sword was highly popular is because it has a mass of 1 to 2.5kg, which is comparatively less as compared to other ancient and traditional swords. Although the mass of the sword was low, the curved shape blade measured a length up to 80cm.

High-quality steel

Some history scholars believe in the idea that the katana sword is amongst the finest and most sharp cutting weapons that are highly efficient in use for military purposes despite its length blade and relative mass. The katana sword is popular as it is made up of the strongest of materials which are high carbon and low carbon. These two types of carbon aids in the sharpness of the blade and offers a high shock absorption rate.

Length of blade

The katana blade is widely popular amongst many martial arts or army experts due to its perfect length, which balances the ratio of its weight. The length of the katana blade, which ranges from 60 to 75cm, is a long sword.

This is extra beneficial to use on the battlefield for soldiers who want space from their opponents, making it efficient for them to buy time to cause damage to their opponents.

Folded many times

From the production aspect, the katana sword is highly efficient and strong as the material is folded and used in a way by craftsmanship so that it offers a long lifespan. During the early stages of production, the sword-smith used to fold and weld the strong steel more than 15 times which is quite splendid.

The reason why the sword-smith used to fold the material numerous times is that each time the high-quality steel is folded, large amounts of impurities are removed, which in turn makes the carbon in the material stronger.

Curvature of blade

The process of the curving blade not only gives it a majestic and grandeur look but also makes it a strong sword. During the heat treatment, the edges of the katana sword are heated and cooled various times to retain large strength. Following that, as the blade is curved, it gives the overall edge of the sword a greater chance of slicing and attacking with minimal power.


So these are the reasons why the katana blade is widely popular not just amongst the Japanese people but also around the world due to its high efficiency of attacking and unique artistic overall body.

Besides holding a deep connection with the history and culture of Japanese wars, it is also a type of sword that has a long lifespan, meaning it can be used for decades without causing slight damage to it.