How Wall Art Adds Character To Your Home

By  //  December 27, 2021

For some homeowners, having a cozy home is enough, while for others, they want their space to have character. If you belong to the second category, you’re more likely to treat your home as a canvas where you can express your distinct style and personality. That’s understandable as it’s indeed a rewarding feeling to decorate one’s space and watch everything come together. 

Bringing life to your wall 

Adding character to your home can be achieved in several ways. One example is adding some magical touch to an empty wall. With the right wall décor, you can splash in colors, textures, patterns, and anything you can imagine. There’s something about wall art that makes any room instantly tasteful, unique, and unforgettable. (1) (2)

It’s impossible to think of sprucing up your interiors without considering its focal point—the wall. Usually, it’s the wide space that guests would immediately notice upon walking into your home. One look can already tell the kind of character and style you want to exude, and what better way to do that than by placing accents and decors you can hang, tape, screw, or bolt into your wall. (2)

Giving vibrance and brightness 

With so many wall art pieces and styles you can choose from, you can easily make your home bright and vibrant. For an instant boost of radiance, you can pick canvas prints with colorful floral designs. If you’re not a floral enthusiast, there are abstract, landscapes, and impressionism themes you can go for. (1)

No matter what theme or design you may have for your interior, wall art won’t surely hurt your knack for styling. Even a minimalist would appreciate a frame or two of abstract or surrealist Tasmanian canvas prints. True enough, no one is immune to the charm and appeal of wall art.   

Creating your desired ambiance 

Your interior design can affect the ambiance or atmosphere a person would feel upon entering your home. Aside from your choice of furniture, your wall can do so much in letting you create your desired ambiance. If you’re an individual who likes lingering in solitude, your wall art may include abstract or black-and-white prints to create a chilling ambiance that reflects how you truly feel. (3)

Meanwhile, if you want a relaxed or cozy vibe, there are tapestries and macrame pieces you can hang to create a snug-worthy atmosphere. If you like it to be a bit playful and light, there are superhero prints, science fiction, and naughty quotes you can incorporate. You can also consider hanging family photos and creating a collage-like wall accent as a subtle way of showing off your beautiful family. (4)

Adding character to your home somehow lets people have a glimpse of the real you. You get to design your space, and through it, you lend a fraction of your distinctive taste. With just a glance at your wall, a person would likely form their own opinions about you. If they see your wall filled with landscape wall art, they can easily tell you’re a lover of nature. In other words, your wall art is a giveaway.  (5)

Setting a new theme 

Nowadays, it’s not surprising for homeowners to have a particular interior theme. Victorian, contemporary, modern industrial, classic, bohemian, minimalist, and Scandinavian are only a few examples. With the wide range of interior design concepts, you can always decide to change to any theme you desire at the moment. And the good thing is you don’t need to remodel your home to actually do so.

One way to do that is by means of wall art. What’s good about this type of art is it complements any theme and perfectly fits any style you may have for the month or year. If you feel like switching over to a Hollywood glam concept, you can pick celebrity-themed wall art to make that happen. Think of your most admired Hollywood celebrities and line them up however you want, whether symmetrically or not. You can even use different frame sizes and materials to highlight your eclectic taste.  (3)

If you want to shift to a music-inspired style instead, you can find wall art featuring musical quotes or instruments or maybe canvas prints of your favorite artist, group, or band. Any color and style would work perfectly because music can be artistic, crafty, and unique all the same. (3)

Final words 

If you think painting your wall won’t be enough to do justice to your personal style, consider adding wall art pieces to liven up your space. It’s the perfect way to create your desired ambiance, portray the theme you want, and add brightness and vibrance to your home. Hanging art pieces is an easy way to make anyone fall in love with your wall because of their ability to add character to it.  


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