Should I Call a Lawyer After I Suffered an Injury?

By  //  December 27, 2021

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If you experience an injury in which another is liable, you should call a lawyer. You could suffer injuries from a car crash, a slip or fall, or a workplace accident, to name just a few.

In such cases, you could gain compensation. Typically, you are entitled to compensation when another person or organization caused your injury, the injury was serious enough to warrant medical attention, the injury resulted in costly medical bills, or you were unable to work due to your injury.

Let us take a closer look at why you should call a lawyer after you suffer an injury. 

You Can Get Free Advice

It is likely you will be unsure as to whether another person or organization is legally liable for your injury, so it is always worth seeking advice from an experienced law firm to gain free advice. For instance, you can get a free consultation with Morgantown personal injury lawyers.

You have nothing to lose by gaining free advice and professional lawyers can help you to explore your compensation options.

You Can Gain Compensation 

With a reputable lawyer on board, he or she can help to prove an individual or organization is liable for causing your injury and help you to gain the financial compensation you deserve. 

A lawyer can help you get compensation to cover medical bills, loss of current and future earnings, and the pain and suffering you experience as a result of the injury, thereby making it much easier to get through the recuperation process.

You Have a Better Chance of Being Fully Compensated and Compensated Quicker

Often, insurance companies try to settle for far less than victims of negligence deserve.

Without an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on board, you could end up with a low payout or no settlement at all. That can be devastating if your injury causes you to incur hefty medical bills and take time off work.

On the other hand, with a lawyer assisting you every step of the way, you are much more likely to gain the compensation you are entitled to and get that compensation more quickly. 

A Lawyer Can Help to Rectify Inaccurate Police Reports 

Experienced lawyers have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to help you win your case.

For instance, they can scrutinize inaccurate police reports that put you at fault for the injury and come up with ways to rectify such falsehoods.

A Lawyer Can Help to Protect Your Rights with Insurance Companies

After an accident, the offending party’s insurance company will probably contact you.

It is possible that the insurer could pressure you into saying something you should not, which would harm your chances of gaining compensation. 

When you have a lawyer on board, he or she can prepare you for such things to ensure you act and say the right things, or do not say anything.

You Can Be Prepared for Dealing with the Other Party

It is not only insurance companies that could try to get you to say the wrong thing.

For instance, if the party that caused your accident is a big business, it will likely have a team of lawyers who know how to put pressure on victims. That can result in the victims giving away information or inaccurate details that help the other party.

With an excellent lawyer to hand, you can avoid getting caught up in the lawyer tricks of the other party. In turn, that means you have a better chance of gaining the full compensation you are entitled to.