Ukraine Responds to Graphic Videos of Ukrainian Soldiers Torturing, Shooting Tied Up Russian Soldiers

By  //  March 28, 2022

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WARNING: Following Video contains graphic content - viewer discretion is advised

ABOVE VIDEO: Graphic footage of surrendered Russian soldiers being tortured by Ukraine

WARNING: The video contains graphic content – viewer discretion is advised

(FOX NEWS) – Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych says his country is investigating graphic videos posted to social media purportedly showing Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners in the legs.

“The government is taking this very seriously, and there will be an immediate investigation,” Arestovych said Sunday, according to reports. “We are a European army, and we do not mock our prisoners. If this turns out to be real, this is absolutely unacceptable behavior.”

“I would like to remind all our military, civilian and defense forces once again that the abuse of prisoners is a war crime that has no amnesty under military law and has no statute of limitations,” Arestovych reportedly added.

However, Ukraine’s military commander in chief is accusing Russia of “staging” the videos, according to the Washington Examiner.