Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards at WunderTrading and Other Resources

By  //  April 25, 2022

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 If you are looking where to buy bitcoins with a credit card with no ID verification, you are not alone. Thousands of people wonder how to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

However, reputable centralized exchanges demand identity verification from anyone who wants to sell or buy any currency, either crypto or fiat. This practice is known as Know Your Customer (KYC). Its main purposes are combating fraud and money laundering.

 There may be lots of reasons for your wish not to disclose your identity, from privacy concerns to ‘just in case’. So, if you want to remain unidentified when purchasing BTC, a good number of options is available to you. The most obvious one is to find a web resource where ID verification is not mandatory.

 A considerable number of peer-to-peer marketplaces, particularly decentralized exchanges, don’t require submitting your personal info when buying cryptocurrencies, including BTC., Binance, Pionex, ECOS, BitQuick, CoinSmart, Coingate, Coinmama,, ShapeShift, Lobstr, Paybis, Rango, DameCoins,, LocalCryptos, Paxful, Bisq, and others won’t ask you to confirm your identity when making a transaction.

 There even is a couple of offline variants. First, a certain part of Bitcoin ATMs isn’t equipped with means of fingerprint or facial identification. These machines allow you to deposit cash and purchase BTC with it. If you have such ATM within a reasonable travelling distance, you can well opt for it.

 Second, you can resort to the time-proven method – a face-to-face deal, i.e., simply purchase Bitcoin from an individual who owns it and wishes to sell it directly.  

 As you see, there are lots of places where to buy bitcoin.

 Why WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is a crypto exchange platform, known for its strict security standards. It applies KYC procedures, which means that you must verify your identity before placing an order. However, you still have a chance stay anonymous when buying BTC and a number of other cryptocurrencies.

In particular, here you may purchase or sell  





Bitcoin Cash


Binance Coin


 If the sum you are going to spend is under $300, ID verification is not required.

Along with debit and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), the platform supports SEPA bank transfers and Skrill payment system. 

How to buy crypto with a credit card at WunderTrading?

Supposing, you want to get some BTC. If you are going to use a debit or credit card, please note that the minimum amount you are allowed to spend is 50 EUR. There also are maximum limits: 20,000 Euros per day and 50,000 per month. In a nutshell,

Open the home page of WunderTrading platform. You’ll see the form entitled ‘Buy crypto instantly’.

Choose the pair of currencies you are going to exchange. For instance, if you are buying BTC with, say, US dollars, select USD and BTC. Click ‘Continue’.

Enter the address of your crypto wallet (only your and nobody else’s – it’s a must) in the appropriate field.

If the sum you are paying exceeds $300, you will have to enter your personal information for KYC purposes.

That’s all. BTC will arrive to your wallet very soon – just in a few minutes.

As to the additional charges, i.e., fees and commissions, they are the following:

Wunderbit’s commission – 1%, regardless of the payment method you used

The card processing fee – 5%,  

The Bitcoin transaction fee

Now that you have read this web page, you have the answer to the question so frequently asked, namely, “where can I buy bitcoin?”. You are welcome to choose either way to do it.