Is Mail a Thing of the Past? How to Send Packages in 2022

By  //  April 17, 2022

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While there is a level of debate going around that mail may be dying, we are here to say it is certainly here to stay. The world needs more physical interaction, especially after the last two years of being isolated at home. While emails have their place in our lives, nothing quite compares to getting an actual package delivered to your home.

The excitement of getting that knock at your door, opening it up and seeing a box at the doorstep is an endorphin rush that really can not be explained. It is really like Christmas day all over again, when the excitement of the unknown and the thrill of unpacking a box is a great experience.

That is why investing in sending your package through custom mailer boxes or something similar of that nature is one of the best ways to be up with the trend of sending packages out in 2022. So to show that traditional mail is anything but dead, we have wrapped up the top ways to send packages out in this modern era that we are living in.

1. Invest in Good Boxes

It is likely that your mail will be making the rounds in planes, trains and trucks to get to the final destination. So this is why you will want to ensure that you have a quality box sorted out to send your package. The last thing that you want to happen is to have your goods get damaged because the box broke because it was not durable enough for the journey.

Luckily, there are some incredible options when it comes to getting quality boxes to send packages out with. While you can always go the traditional route of getting a straightforward cardboard box, you can also up the ante and design custom boxes to really make the package stand out.

From choosing specific colors or design patterns to creating a custom mailer where the interior is made to hold specific products perfectly, you can invest in a good box to send any package you want in. 

2. Schedule a Delivery Pick Up

Another great benefit to sending packages out in 2022 is that it is way more convenient than it was a decade ago. You no longer have to make an entire journey to the local mail depot to send your package. Instead, you can hop online and arrange for the package to be collected by a deliveryman from your office or home.

This not only saves you time but makes the whole experience of delivering a package way more seamless. Say goodbye to long lines and wasted hours. Instead, simply prepare your package, schedule a pickup time and pre-pay online. The rest will be sorted by a delivery company and you can just track your package online as it makes its way to the intended destination. 

3. Get Good Tape

If you are planning on picking up your package yourself make sure you have quality tape on hand. High-quality packaging tape ensures that your package will stay together and that the items inside will be well supported throughout the journey.

But do not just stop at getting the good tape. Also, get a tape gun assembler which allows you to easily apply and break off the tape as you prep the exterior of your package. This will make the whole process so much easier for you and will prevent you from getting in some sticky (literally) situations. 

You could also look at investing in some quality packaging straps too. This is an extra layer of security that ensures the box will stay put as it is delivered. For sending bigger items, this layer of security is definitely recommended.

4. Create Custom Labels

Nothing makes a package more special than an added personal touch. A great way to do this is by making your labels by hand—whether you use calligraphy pens or colored pencils. The added effort will make the recipient feel super special and the package look like a piece of art.

In addition, another great added element is a wax seal on any letters or envelopes that are included in the package. You can create custom ones online and add a whole new level of flair to any package.

While you are at it, you may also get custom stamps for the package too. The combination of these little details will really help ensure that your package is memorable and creates a whole experience for the recipient.


Sending packages by mail is so on-trend for 2022. It is something that people appreciate more than ever and thanks to modern conveniences and innovative companies, the process has never been easier. 

What will you do to make your package memorable and well-received? From stamps to custom mailer boxes, your choices are endless.