YK11 SARMs: Muscle Growth Benefits, YK-11 Results, Cycle and Dosage

By  //  April 7, 2022

Bodybuilders wanting quick and extreme muscle growth often use SARMs because of the rate of muscle mass that can be gained in a short space of time. YK11 results are particularly impressive, my muscle gain was much more than I expected. I combined a legal YK11 SARM with a standard diet and exercise regime. If you were to push me for typical YK11 results I would say you could gain up to 10 lbs of muscle per 6-week cycle.

YK11 is an experimental drug some bodybuilders use to enhance their muscle growth. YK 11 has got a reputation for producing incredible results. Because of this many bodybuilders include YK11 in their SARMs bulking stacks. You can check out SARM bulking stacks here that include YK 11.

A lot of people find this particular SARM very confusing, often stating it is really an anabolic steroid. Due to its high potency and similarity to steroids, this is not surprising.

YK11 also works in a unique way, it is very different from the other SARMs people use for muscle-building and gaining muscle mass.

In this YK-11 review, I’m going to try and clear things up to help you get a better understanding of the way YK11 works and the kind of results you can expect. I’m also going to be honest about how safe it is so that, if you do decide to use it, you will know what you are getting into.

Although some parts of the review are based on personal experience, a lot is the result of in-depth research.

When I tell you YK11 works, I know it is true because I carefully tracked my before and after results.

The parts of this review that explain how YK 11 works, are largely based on research. I didn’t research YK11 before writing this SARM review, I researched it before I began using it. I never put anything into my body without having a good idea of the things it may do.

My YK11 review is honest. I’m not suggesting you should take advantage of this SARMs muscle-building benefits but nor am I going to suggest you avoid it. I’m only going to provide you with all the pros and cons.

What Is YK11? 

Although some people may try to tell you otherwise, YK11 is a SARM, it is sometimes written as YK-11.

SARM is an acronym that is short for Selective Androgen Selector Modulator.

It is a bit of a mouthful to say but the term is based on the main thing this type of drug does in the body.

SARMs are similar to steroids but are generally considered to be safer because of their “selective” nature.

As you may be aware, anabolic steroids help you to gain muscle faster by binding with the androgen receptors in your muscle tissue. By doing this SARMS enhance protein synthesis and help achieve muscle growth and muscle mass gain.

SARMs work in the same way. However, they only bind with the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. It is why they are termed selective.

Steroids are a different story. There is nothing selective about them at all. They bind with all the androgen receptors in the body. This is very disruptive and one of the main reasons steroids have so many dangerous side effects.

SARMs are considered safer than steroids (indicated in exploratory human clinical trials) because they only act on muscle and bone. However, because SARMs are still only research drugs, there is no way to be certain what kind of potential harm they may present with long-term use. 

Nevertheless, many bodybuilders find SARMs offer the same benefits as steroids but are easier on the body. There may still be side effects, but most SARMs users agree they are milder than the ones they had to endure with steroids.

YK 11 is often used as part of a Bulking SARM stack and combined with Testolone RAD140, Ligandrol LGD-4033 and Ostarine.

How Does YK-11 Work?

Although people usually just stick with the moniker YK11, this SARMs full name is YK11 Myostatin. The second part of the name is based on the way YK-11 works.

The drug has a unique chemical structure that is more similar to that of steroids than any of the other SARMs. However, limited data suggests YK11 binds selectively so it appears to be more accurate to label it a SARM.

YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor. None of the other SARMs are capable of influencing myostatin.

Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle growth, placing a limit on how big you can be. Rodent-based research suggests another compound produced in the body, called follistatin, inhibits myostatin, essentially turning it off.

YK11 stimulates increases in follistatin. By doing this it allows you to pack on extra muscle without having myostatin put the brakes on.

That is the theory, anyway, you have to remember YK11 is still in the experimental stage. It has never been fully tested on animals or humans.

Nevertheless, bodybuilders using this SARM often gain up to 10 pounds of muscle per 6-week cycle. I gained a couple of pounds less than that but have gym buddies who did that little bit better.

But do not not forget YK11 is also androgenic. By binding with the androgen receptors in muscle, it takes over the role of testosterone. YK-11 is more anabolic than testosterone so it improves muscle growth.

Unfortunately, by pushing testosterone aside as it does, the SARM makes it redundant. This causes natural testosterone production to deplete. So, as with steroids, when you stop using YK11, you will need to do a post cycle therapy (PCT) until your normal testosterone production comes back online.

YK11 SARM: Correct Dosage

There is no correct dosage, as such for YK-11. The same is true for all SARMs. Because they have never left the research stage, the scientists developing them have not discovered the optimum amount to use.

So, if anyone tries telling you there is a specific dose, they are wrong. People using SARMs have come up with doses based on their experience but it is largely based on trial and error. Then the “correct dose” is spread via word of mouth with absolutely no scientific basis.

A lot of bodybuilders are cycling around the 30 mg mark, but I’ve seen people go up to 50 mg. Other than making them feel rougher, the higher doses don’t appear to deliver any additional improvements.

However, beginners doing their first YK 11 cycle tend to keep the dose very low. When something like this hits your system for the first time, you can never be sure what to expect.

I’ve seen a few people start with a 10 mg dose but that tends to be the guys who have prior experience using other SARMs and, personally, I think 10 mg of YK11 is too high for a beginner dose.

But it is just my opinion. As I said, when it comes to SARMs, opinion is all you have got. It is not like using an approved medication where the manufacturer states the correct dose.

How Long to Cycle YK11

So, how long should you cycle YK 11? Nobody really knows. Even though many people think that they do and may be getting good YK-11 results, it is still only an opinion.

Experienced users often base their opinions on the changes occurring in their bodies. From what I’ve seen, six to eight weeks on, followed by a six-week break appears to be a pretty common cycle. This is best way to use YK-11 to gain significant muscle mass.

I know beginners who began with a 5 mg dose and then increased it to 10 mg mid-cycle when they didn’t experience any problems. When I look at the pictures of their before and after results, this appears to be a pretty good YK11 beginners cycle.

If you are going to do this type of YK11 cycle it makes sense to run YK11 on its own. This allows you to see how you respond. It’s hard to know what is doing what when you are cycling a cocktail of drugs.

YK11 Results: What to Expect

YK11 results can vary from person to person. Your diet and training regimen will have a big part to play in your overall results as well. It’s not only about the SARM.

People can also respond differently to the drug and those who experience extreme side effects won’t be able to use it at all.

But presuming you don’t have a bad reaction to YK11, you should begin to notice certain benefits, such as improvements in workout capability, right from the start.

YK11 SARM Benefits are Likely to Include:

Less fatigue

Faster recovery

Considerable strength gains

Improvements in endurance and stamina

Improvements in confidence and determination

Targets muscle growth, fitness and muscle strength

Up to 10 pounds of lean muscle mass gain per cycle

Because the SARM will help you to train so much harder, you will also burn extra calories. Depending on what’s going on with your bulking diet, you may also start losing fat. Perhaps not as much as you would with Cardarine or clenbuterol, but it could happen.

If you do lean up a little, it’s a nice bonus. If you don’t, that’s what cutting cycles are for.

By the end of the first fortnight, you should be lifting heavier and feeling significantly stronger.

Because YK11 enhances protein synthesis while also removing the limiting factor of myostatin, by the end of your cycle you should be feeling monster strong and have the improvements in muscle measurements to go with it.

However, although YK-11 is probably going to be safer than steroids, it may still have side effects. Let’s take a look at some of them next.

YK 11 SARM Side Effects

The lack of research means there is no official list of YK11 side effects. However, bodybuilders who have experience using this SARM often experience a variety of problems.

Common YK11 side effects include:


Joint pain

Low energy

Hair loss


Of course, the type and range of side effects will increase if you are cycling YK11 alongside other SARMs.

Like steroids, YK 11 also has the potential to cause harm to the liver.

And let’s not forget that YK11 can suppress natural testosterone production. If you don’t follow your cycle with a PCT (post cycle therapy), you could experience additional problems due to low testosterone.

Possible issues may include:

 Rapid muscle loss

Fat gain

Difficulty concentrating

Poor memory

Mood swings


Low libido

Erectile dysfunction

Other Things to Consider When using YK11

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the muscle-building benefits of YK11, there are a couple of other things you need to know about this SARM.

First of all, using YK-11 for bodybuilding or sports is illegal. It’s not intended to be used anywhere other than a lab.

The second thing you need to be aware of is, like other SARMs, YK 11 is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other similar regulatory bodies.

So, if you fail a drug test, you will be looking at a competition ban.

YK-11 Before and after results

Before I draw this YK11 SARM review to a conclusion, I want to explain about the expected YK11 results i terms of building lean muscle mass.

My before and after results comparison may be very different from yours.

To be honest, many of the YK 11 before and after results you see published online may not be typical. A lot of bodybuilders are cycling YK11 with other SARMs so the shots they publish are the result of a combination of supplements, not just YK-11.

The other problem is, when you look at such pictures, there’s no way to know what kind of training regimen the people in them have been following.

Some people have more time to devote to training. They may also have a better diet. The things the before and after pictures may show are not solely due to YK 11 SARM. They are due to the efforts made with training and diet as well.

YK11 For Sale – Best YK-11 Brand

My go to YK11 brand is YKBulk from BrutalForce. YKBulk is naturally formulated and safer than generic YK11. It is often classed as a legal alternative to YK-11. 

YK11 for Muscle Growth: The Bottom Line

A lot of bodybuilders will tell you that YK-11 is one of the top muscle-building SARMs. I can’t argue with that because I know what it can do. I also believe it’s safer than anabolic steroids but I know that doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

In my case, I only had a few mild side effects but I’ve got gym buddies that had it much worse.

So, does YK11 work? In my opinion, absolutely. Should you use it? Only you can decide on the answer to that question. In this review, I’ve been as unbiased as possible and tried to provide all the good points along with the bad. There are plenty of both. What you do with the information is up to you.