10 Car Dealerships That Accept Cryptocurrency

By  //  May 16, 2022

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When Bitcoin started, few people knew about it; these were the people who saw the value or considered it fashionable. But, now, many years after, Bitcoin has evolved, and with more currencies in circulation, cryptocurrency is going strong. For example, you can now buy large assets like real estate and cars with cryptocurrency.

The number of car dealerships accepting cryptocurrency today has increased thanks to accessible digital wallets and merchant software. Thus, you can buy Litecoin and trade it for your dream car in any of these car dealerships below:

1. BitCars

BitCars is number one on the list because it is one of the first dealers to work with the cryptocurrency market and allow for payment in virtual currencies. The company used to sell watches for Bitcoin; now, they sell cars. BitCars provide cryptocurrency investors with opportunities to spend their assets on classy, lavish, and luxury items.

BitCars sells retro and luxury cars with great investment potential, like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Tesla, Audi, and Bentley. You don’t have to convert your digital currencies into fiat currencies before you can pay for the car of your choice. All you need is to contact BitCars with the type of car you want, and you can pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

2. AutoCoinCars

This dealership has an impressive selection of vehicles from different price segments that cryptocurrency owners can purchase. AutoCoinCars is an intermediary that allows the purchase of vehicles in the United Kingdom with cryptocurrency. You can buy a good old Volkswagen Polo or a new Tesla with your Bitcoin or Litecoin from AutoCoinCars.

The advantage of buying cars from this dealership goes beyond paying with and buying cryptocurrency. With AutoCoinCars, you are sure of quality cars and their parts.

3. MotorCars of Atlanta

This luxury car dealership from Georgia accepts Bitcoin in exchange for any car you dream of. You can view different cars on their website and get details about each model. They sell from many car brands, but mostly the exotic ones. You can find anything from Aston Martin to Lamborghini to a Swedish car specifically built for speed.

4. Bob Moore

This car dealership is based in Oklahoma and takes a wide range of virtual currencies in all its 18 dealerships. It is expanding to other areas selling a wide range of auto models, including Audi, Ford, Nissan, Ram, and more.

So, while you can order your car online and pay with any cryptocurrency of your choice, you also have the option of walking into any of their stores.

5. Classic Recreations

Classic Recreations is a Yukon-based car dealership specializing in Ford Mustangs’ continuation cars. Don’t worry; they are authorized by Ford Motor Company and Shelby American to sell. The dealership accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for the cars to expand its client base globally.

It is also a car dealership that is in tune with changing technological trends to make transactions easy for buyers.

6. Carriage Nissan

Carriage Nissan deals in Nissan cars in Gainesville and accepts Bitcoin as payment for their cars. However, if you’re buying a car with Bitcoin from Carriage Nissan, you must pay in full and cover the tax. Nevertheless, it is an excellent car dealership, especially if you want to purchase a Nissan car at an affordable price and with Bitcoin.

7. Prestige Cars Kent

This Kent-based dealership strictly sells used cars still in great condition. Every car on the dealership’s website undergoes a 175-point quality check and comes with a one-year warranty. You can get models from BMW to Ford to Landrovers from Prestige Cars in exchange for any digital currency of your choice.

8. Ferris

This dealership is based in South Africa and deals mostly in Ferraris, although you may find some Porsche cars. It has a diverse collection of vehicles, including old and new models. Thanks to its partnership with AltCoinTrader, you can buy any Ferrari car model with Bitcoin, Tether, or Litecoin from the Ferris dealership.

9. Post Oak Motor Cars

This dealership is based in the US, specializes in selling luxury cars, and accepts Bitcoin as payment. Post Oak’s collection includes vast vehicle models, including Rolls-Royce, Buggati, and Bentleys. It also has less lavish cars like Mercedes and Toyota if that’s your preference.

10. Armormax

Armormax sells cars that have been upgraded into armored vehicles. The dealership armors vehicles without altering their designs; you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an armored and armor-less Tesla. Plus, Armormax manufactures the most technologically-advanced armored vehicles worldwide, and it accepts Bitcoin as payment for its vehicles.

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In conclusion, now you know buying your dream car with your digital assets is doable. This number of dealerships accepting crypto payments will increase in the coming years; you can count on that. As such, you don’t have to sell your crypto yet because you want to buy a car; instead, work into any of these stores today.