10 Travel Influencers to Look out for: Adam Vaughan, Olivier Wong and Aureta

By  //  May 6, 2022

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(Adam Vaughan image)

1. Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu, who was born in Singapore, is a well-known influencer in the Instagram travel community. Michelle blogs and photographs her experiences as she travels around the world from one paradisal location to the next, reviewing them as she does so on Michutravel – her blog.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, the 31-year-old always leaves her 402,000 Instagram followers anxious for more content and is known for the positive atmosphere that she emits with every post. Her acknowledgment has only grown following her introduction as a Brand Ambassador for Sony.

2. Adam Vaughan

Adam Vaughan is a 20-year-retired Air Force veteran who has been involved in hundreds of missions globally as well as twelve specific deployments in combat zones. Following his retirement from the Air Force, Adam went on to live in Japan – traveling around all Asian countries in the process.

24 years of traveling later, Adam reflects on his love for travel and experiencing the cultures of other countries, which is why he built his blog to encompass both of these ideas. Furthermore, his travel blog expands on his traveling experiences at various destinations and provides recommendations based on his wealth of experience navigating the world.

3. Melissa Panetta

Creator of Best Vacations, an incredibly closely followed page on Instagram, Canadian Melissa Panetta features travel pictures from some of the most incredible locations to travel to around the world. Solely on Instagram, Melissa has managed to build a following of 5.2 million strong and with a number of big names in her following, such as Senai Senna.

4. Olivier Wong

Olivier Wong is another popular travel photographer who is established in France. Following his move to Paris in 2013, Olivier’s passion for travel and urban photography grew over the years as he became more and more familiar with the wonders of his new home city. Paris’s monuments and streets became the subjects of his photography.

5. Murad Osmann

Another top travel influencer on this list, Murad even appeared in Forbes’s rankings for this profession’s top influencers. He innovated the #followmeto campaign alongside his wife during their travels around the world. This campaign has become synonymous with the iconic pose of his wife holding Murad’s hand while facing away from the camera and pulling him towards the scenery.

6. Aureta

Aureta has always demonstrated a passion for design and art, though her initial reasons for using Instagram were not in fact to broadcast these passions to the world. Indeed, it was only upon realizing that she had garnered a following of nearly 7,000 people that she began to use the platform to document her exotic trips – using her pictures to help others escape.

7. Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen is a British-based Instagram travel influencer who is well renowned for her unique manner of representing each idyllic destination she visits. The posts she makes render her account reminiscent of a storybook, effusing a dreamy ambiance in relation to all the beautiful locations she travels to.

8. Umit Yoruk

UK-based travel influencer and photographer Umit Yoruk has specialized his posts in the area of luxury travel. Having gained a following of nearly 2 million people, Umit consistently reflects a positive attitude in his posts about the locations he travels to, which is important considering the scale of his audience.

9. The Bucket List Family

A family from Hawaii, The bucketlistfamily, is perhaps one of the most infamous influencers in the travel category on Instagram. Their ideas for vacations are perfectly suited to families, containing plenty of ideas that are suitable for kids as well as adults. As a result of their incredibly optimistic and cheerful characters, they have built a well-deserved following of over 2 million people.

10. Tuula Vintage

The final entry to this list, Jessica Stein, is a travel influencer born in Australia. Although having previously traveled far more in the past (when she wasn’t a mother), she is still widely regarded as one of the top travel bloggers due to her incredibly proliferate travel advice and photography.

Having since given birth to a child with a rare disease, she is now a strong advocate for this cause too.