NovaWave Review: Best Indoor TV Antenna in 2021

By  //  May 8, 2022

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Tired of expensive cable bills and streaming subscriptions? You certainly wouldn’t be the one and only person feeling that way. Many Americans are cluing in and switching to broadcast antennas like NovaWave, which gives you a fantastic selection of free premium channels.  

In our NovaWave review, we’ve gone over each and every part of NovaWave’s product. And we’re thrilled to be able to share our results. We’ll go over everything you’ll want to know about this fantastic indoor TV antenna.

The Novawave Antenna Tvis simple to assemble. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get it up and running. We’ll talk about its range, resolution, and how NovaWave’s app can completely change your TV watching experience. 

There are many ways you can get the most out of your TV antenna, especially if it’s a long range TV antenna. It’s one of the best TV antennas for rural areas and a great feature to add to vacation homes, cottages, or your RV.

NovaWave: What is It?

With the NovaWave best TV antenna, you aren’t just getting a product. You’re also getting a promise in addition to a product. 

When you open the package, you get the product. An unobtrusive, beautifully designed, easy to install indoor TV antenna. With this powerful tool, you’ll be watching all your favorite shows 24/7 and for free.

With this HDTV indoor antenna, you can access an astonishing variety of channels, and many of them are the ones you’d pay for in most cable packages. Almost ninety percent of the channels you get with a cable package are broadcasting over the air free right now. 

That means you are handing over your earnings to companies that don’t have your best interest in mind. The good thing is there really is only one thing preventing you from getting those channels, and that is your lack of a Novawave Antenna Tv 

That’s NovaWave’s fantastic product. What about their promise?

The NovaWave promise will free customers from expensive cable contracts. It will save you hundreds on your bills each and every year. 

All you need to do is buy the Novawave Antenna Tv, place it where reception is best, download the NovaWave app, and you’ll never be paying for exorbitant cable prices again. 

NovaWave: Number One Indoor Antenna

In 2021 NovaWave is among the best indoor antennas available. With superior reception and a sleek minimalist design, expect NovaWave to perform faster and with better signal strength than its competitors. 

Access Free Premium NovaWave Channels

The Novawave Antenna Tv allows you to view all the best channels with a single click. 

All you have to do is load the app onto your mobile device. This will show you TV towers in and around your locality. Simply direct the Novawave Antenna Tvin that direction. You’ll be enjoying free channels in no time. 

Easy to Set-Up

There are only three simple steps to installing one of the best TV antennas on the market: 

1. Locate the strongest signal in your house,

2. Attach the antenna and plug in the adapter

3. Start watching free channels with a 1080p signal.

It’s that straightforward. 

Is NovaWave Legit?

Yes! And our NovaWave review will show you why. But first, a little history about why this product was created in the first place.

NovaWave was invented and designed by people like you and me. People who work hard every day simply want to relax at home in front of a sports game, the news, or whatever. And not get gouged by giant cable companies. 

Take a look at your last bill from the cable company. Ask yourself: am I getting the most out of my money? How many channels do you watch in total? Maybe four or five channels, and then you use Netflix. Would you really pay that much for four or five channels? No. 

Enter NovaWave. It’s one payment for the device, then a lifetime of bill-free premium channels. 

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NovaWave: How Does It Work?

In this part of the NovaWave review, we’ll take a look at what exactly you’re getting when you purchase a NovaWave digital TV antenna. It comes with everything you need to start getting free TV now.

The package includes the following:

 NovaWave’s digital TV antenna

Coaxial adapter

And instruction/installation manuals

That’s all it takes to achieve a huge reduction in your cable bill. The NovaWave digital antenna performs just as well as cable TV. In many cases, the signals are broadcasting from the same place that would charge you a monthly fee to access.

But with NovaWave, it’s free. 

It’s also one of the best TV antenna for rural areas and an excellent device for seniors who will have no trouble at all with its easy installation and elimination of complicated cables. 

NovaWave: How Well Does It Work?

It absolutely does. Thousands of customers across the US can attest to the fact that it really does what it says it will. In this part of the NovaWave review, we’ll explain why.

It will revolutionize the way you watch TV. 

All it takes is one low payment, and you’ll have the Novawave Antenna Tv waiting for you on your doorstep in a few days. There are only 3 simple installation steps. And the app will let you find all the different signal towers near you. 

The advanced tech inside your Novawave Antenna Tv allows for the most precise possible reception and 1080p full HD picture. 

You might get some compression in your image quality with cable companies as they try saving on bandwidth by giving customers less.

With the unadulterated signals NovaWave can receive you will get zero interference and zero compression. That means NovaWave is paying for itself each and every month, and you get the TV reception you deserve. 

Benefits and Features of NovaWave

This NovaWave review wouldn’t be complete without covering all the benefits and features of installing this excellent antenna.

Reviews from every state mention its perfect audio and picture quality. People are astonished at the clarity of the reception and the sheer number of premium channels receivable. 

You will have no difficultly finding a signal with the NovaWave app. Even if you are going off the grid, there is likely a reception tower somewhere near you. 

So you can kiss your monthly bills goodby and enjoy NovaWave’s fantastic antenna.  

Features of the Novawave Antenna Tv

So what makes NovaWave among the top antennas available?

It lets you watch 1080p HDTV with zero subscription fee.

The cost of the Novawave Antenna Tvis more than reasonable (and currently on sale).

Get the clearest signals from local TV towers. 

The Novawave Antenna Tv app allows you to choose which towers and channels to direct to your antenna. 

You can put the Novawave Antenna Tv anywhere, including windows and walls. 

Easy plug-and-play installation

But that’s not all. Here are all the technical details the Novawave Antenna Tv has to offer: 

Best indoor TV antenna

Passive gain antenna

Double-sided adhesive

87.5-230MHz, 470-862MHz

Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF

Impedance 75 Ohm

Passive gain: 6-8 dB

Coaxial port fitment

Benefits of Novawave Antenna Tv

The benefits of a Novawave Antenna Tvare the focus of this section of our NovaWave review. There are five significant advantages to using this antenna over any other:

1. Set up and installation is simple. 

2. Once set up, control things from the NovaWave App and your TV remote.

3. A thirty-mile range makes plenty of channels available. 

4. Its attractive but unobtrusive design includes minimal chords and zero dishes to mount. 

5. A simple, one-time purchase is the only cost associated with NovaWave. Enjoy free TV for years after that one-time fee.

Now, if those five reasons aren’t enough to convince you the reasons why NovaWave is selling out so fast, then I don’t know what will. 

Novawave Antenna Tv: Better Than The Competitors?

The NovaWave digital TV antenna’s designers and manufacturers wanted to make a TV antenna to help average, hard-working Americans like you and me.

Are you sick of paying your hard-earned money to cable companies that lock you into contracts and plans where you don’t even want half the stuff they’re selling you? But that shouldn’t mean that you have to give up the channels you do want to use. 

That’s where NovaWave comes in. It allows you to bring in the TV signal of your choice, with the available channels listed right on the app. That way you can watch what you want, when you want it, with no extra fees.  

The Novawave Antenna Tv is the number one choice for cord-cutters all over the country. 

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Fantastic Mobile App

There’s a lot of reasons to love the NovaWave digital TV antenna. Not only do you get to bring in the signal of your choice towers in a radius of ninety miles, but it also has a user-friendly app. 

Simply download the app from your app store, and once your Novawave Antenna Tv is installed, you’ll be able to use it and direct signals from the TV towers to your Novawave Antenna Tv. 

You’ll be accessing the bus channels in only a few minutes, with minimal hassle and zero hidden fees. 

The NovaWave app allows customers to view each channel carried by the TV towers within range. It allows you to scan a pretty wide field, giving you comprehensive coverage of premium channels. 

It only takes four simple steps to set it all up:

1. Download “NovaWave TV Signal Finder” app. 

2. Join by creating an account with your email address

3. Scan nearby towers to view the available channels and send them to your digital TV antenna.

4. Reposition the NovaWave to take advantage of the best signals. 

Cut the Cord

Very few products exist that genuinely allow customers to save money. And that is the hidden secret behind NovaWave’s success: its promise to add value to your life while saving you money. 

After you plug the Novawave Antenna Tvin for the first time, we guarantee you’ll be calling the cable guy and cutting the chord. 

NovaWave is one single purchase with zero hidden fees, an app that’s free and simple to use, and free channels in exceptional quality.  

Easy Install

Installation is abundantly straightforward: 

Plug the cable adapter into the TV set 

Locate the prime reception sports in your house

Scan for free premium channels with the Novawave Antenna Tv App

NovaWave works with most modern TV sets, and before you know it, you’ll be getting them for everyone you know.

Full 1080p HDTV

If you are worried that cutting the cord will impact your picture quality, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

With NovaWave’s patented signal technology ensuring uncompressed 1080p image quality, you will not notice a difference. 

If anything, you will notice an improvement (and quickly find out how much your cable company was compressing your image). 

The NovaWave indoor TV antenna includes passive gain and has a sturdy build. This enables you to get the most out of your NovaWave indoor TV antenna as it will continue to offer you the same level of performance year after year. 

NovaWave FAQs

Can I Use My Novawave Antenna TvAnywhere?

The Novawave Antenna Tv Installation process is simple. It lets you get free premium channels, and you don’t have to give the cable companies a cent. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

1. Each Novawave Antenna Tv Comes with strong double-stick adhesive. After you’ve spent some time learning where the strongest signal is coming from, simply fasten the unit to your wall or window.

2. Now use the included coaxial cable to connect the Novawave Antenna Tv To your TV set. It should have no issues connecting to any modern set. 

3. Start scanning to find the different TV towers near you and use the app to direct their signal to your NovaWave. 

It’s hard to believe it’s that easy. 

How Much does NovaWave Cost?

If you hurry up, you’ll be able to benefit from some steep discounts on the Novawave Antenna Tv, especially if you are buying more than one unit. 

The discount only gets better if you purchase more than 1x Novawave Antenna Tv. But why would you need more than one? There are lots of reasons you might want two, three, or even more Novawave Antenna Tvs.

Give one to your friends or family

Have one in multiple rooms of your house (even direct them to different TV towers)

Buy one for your home, your cottage or your RV so you can take it on the go with you. 

It makes such a great gift for friends and neighbors because it works straight out of the box with a straightforward set-up:

Let’s take a look at the various packages and prices:

■ Streaming Starter Kit: 1 x Novawave Antenna Tvstarting price: $39.99 

■ Couples Pack: 2 x Novawave Antenna Tvstarting price: $79.99

■ Family Streaming Bundle: 3 x Novawave Antenna Tvstarting price: $89.99 

■ Ultimate Cord Cutters Pack: 4 x Novawave Antenna Tvstarting price: $109.99

Where Can I Buy Novawave Antenna Tv?

It would be awesome if you could buy a NovaWave Antenna everywhere, but it is only right now from the manufacturer’s website.

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Pros and Cons of NovaWave

There are plenty of pros and only one potential downside to owning the fantastic Novawave Antenna Tv, depending on how you view it.

Why is our “cons” section so small? Because we genuinely did not find any flaws of significance. NovaWave does what it says and does it well. 


Access to premium channels free!

Capable of filtering out poor signals and focusing on boosting the highest quality signals for your range. 

Signal boosters give you the sharpest 1080p quality available

Top-of-the-line build quality

A+ performance

Excellent value for your money

Easy installation/assembly 

Accessible mobile app packed with features

Responsive customer and tech support


Overall you’ll receive fewer channels than paid-cable (but you’ll also get less junk)

Final Verdict

If this NovaWave review has done anything, we hope it’s to alert you to the idea that you’re spending more than you need to on your TV. With NovaWave, you can get the channels you want with zero monthly bills. 

This affordable and accessible solution is the Novawave Antenna Tv, which can save customers hundreds of dollars while providing free premium channels for you to enjoy. 

In this NovaWave review, we’ve told you something a little shocking: Americans can easily get their hands on free TV for a very reasonable price. And what’s more, the NovaWave unit is simple to put together, can be placed virtually anywhere, and works well with the vast majority of modern TVs.

Best of all, there’s only one cord to deal with, and the app will take care of the rest. Things couldn’t be easier. 

Novawave Antenna Tv is one of the best on the market in 2021. Its low cost means it’s almost a no-brainer to give it a try. 

That concludes our NovaWave review. We hope you get to the checkout while supplies last and the savings are still available. We hope you’ve enjoyed this antenna tv channels guide.

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